Electric Recliner Lift Chairs

Our Electric Recliner Lift Chairs Range

Price: AUD $4,199
Sale Price: AUD $1,999
The Hug 150 Lift Recline Chair is in-built with wall-hugging technology, making it ideal for smaller rooms, and retirement or nursing homes.
Price: AUD $4,999
Sale Price: AUD $2,499
The SovT 150 is a high-end adjustable lift-recline chair for the taller person. Made by one of the world’s best adjustable lift-recline chair manufacturers, you can be assured that the SovT will meet your comfort needs. Available in a range of colours and finishes, we have a SovT to suit any room of the home.
Price: AUD $7,599
Sale Price: AUD $3,799
The Glide180 is the latest lift-recline chair at Out and About Healthcare and is the ideal chair for users who need more assistance getting into and out of chairs.

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