Heartway Vita X Mobility Scooter S12X

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This powerful semi all-terrain mobility scooter will take you on experiences you can't afford to miss. At the beach, in the bush, or tackling those gradient climbs other scooters cannot handle. All of this with Australian and NZ Safety Standards! Features include Extra Strength Tubular Engineered Framing, Magnetic Potentiometer, High End ‘F’ Grade Motor, Huge 200AMP Controller with Adjustable Comfort Suspension. See the specs by scrolling down for more of the great features offered by the Monster S12X, world leading mobility scooter.
Adjustable Comfort Suspension
Roll Bar
Racing Driver Seating
Magnetic Potentiometer
Tubular Engineered Framing

Weight Capacity - 160kg 

Motor Type - 4-Pole 900W 

Motor Class - F 

Motor Ratio - 32:1 

Motor Constant Running Watts - 900 Watt 

Motor Peak Load Watts - 4800 Watt 

Controller Type - S-Drive 200 Amp 

Battery - 12V/80 Ah x 2 

Charger - 8 Amp Off-Board 

Arms - Adjustable 

Travel Distance - Up to 50km 

Semi All-Terrain - Yes 

Control Panel - Digital display (speedo, trip metre, temperature, clock, odometer)

Seat Size - 20" 

Height - 1480mm 

Width - 790mm 

Length - 1620mm 

Weight - 150kg 

Ground Clearance - 150mm 

Turning Radius - 1350mm 

Front Wheel - 13"

 Drive Wheel - 15" 

Seat - Imitation Leather Sports 

Tubular Framework - We use Tubular Framing for our products. The construction industry has embraced tubular framing due to its strength and flexibility. Towering Skyscrapers are embracing the concept. Tubular Framing advantages are; Resistance to stress through high tensile strength, elastic and ductile function. Will not break easily. Resistance to shocks allowing it to withstand impact at a higher degree then other methods of framing. Resistant to Corrosion efficaciously. This manufacturing system is to ensure our customers have the strongest and best framing in the market place. 

Colours - Black, Titanium 

Optional Upgrades - Front basket, Folding Sun Canopy, Fixed Sun Canopy, Rear Basket, Flag, Walking Stick Holder, Oxygen Tank Holder

Australian Standards/ISO Standards (Vital for Safety) - AS/NZS3695.2:2013 

Australian/NZ Safety Standards - Australian and NZ Standards are the highest in the world and only obtainable through the testing centre in Australia at time of this article. This is an extremely expensive testing system and as such most mobility scooters and wheelchairs do not carry this classification. We are proud to state that all our scooters and Electric Wheelchairs not only have ISO testing, but also the high standard Australian/NZ testing. There can be nothing more important than knowing that the safest possible situation is provided for a person with a disability or aging situation. 

Suspension - Complete Double Wishbone Suspension and adjustable single post 

Seat Belt - Yes 

Lighting System - Bright headlights for lower light driving 

Rear View Mirrors - Yes 

Advanced Diagnostic System - Alerts users and automatically shuts down the scooter in the case of malfunction

Please ask for a copy of the warranty for your product before buying. Do not return the product unless authorised. Where extended warranties are offered, the customer must return these forms to Head Office within seven [7] days of receiving the product. Warranty terms and conditions apply as stipulated on warranty paperwork. Product life expectancies are subject to product care, regular maintenance or servicing of product and no misuse of product.

The Heartway Vita X - Ultimate Tough Machine

This large heavy duty scooter is ideal for long distances, and suitable for use on various terrains. This sleek scooter is an absolute beast!


Discover Heartway Vita X Mobility Scooter S12X

Key features and benefits:
  • Australian/NZ and ISO Standards
  • Crystal display with speedo, odometer, battery life gauge, system safety and troubleshooting coding
  • Strengthened tubular framing and undercarriage weather protected cover


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