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Assessment Benefits

Personalised Insights: By taking the Mobility Scooter Grant Assessment, you gain insights into your mobility needs, paving the way to a more accessible and independent life.

Effortless Process: Our assessment is designed to be straightforward and quick, taking just 2 minutes of your time to complete.

Determine Your Eligibility: Don't miss out on the potential benefits! The assessment is the first step in determining if you qualify for our exclusive Mobility Scooter Grant.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits: From tailored product demonstrations to nationwide doorstep delivery, our VIP Membership offers a host of valuable benefits that could drastically enhance your mobility experience.

No Obligations: The assessment is absolutely free with no obligations. Simply gain an understanding of your eligibility and the potential mobility solutions available to you.

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Personalised Insights: Gain tailored insights into your mobility needs.

Effortless Process: Our quick 2-minute assessment is straightforward and easy.

Determine Your Eligibility: Find out if you qualify for our exclusive VIP Membership.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits: Discover the valuable VIP Grant Membership benefits.

No Obligations: The free assessment comes with absolutely no obligations.

Facing mobility challenges or
having trouble with day-to-day transportation?

Our Mobility Grant Assessment might be the solution you've been searching for.

This quick and straightforward process could potentially unlock the ideal mobility scooter for your unique needs, as well as establish your eligibility for the Mobility Scooter Grant.

With just a few simple responses, you'll receive customised recommendations that could significantly enhance your mobility and give you the freedom you've been missing.

No strings attached, this free Mobility Scooter Grant assessment is trusted by over 15,000 satisfied clients across Australia who now enjoy a more active, fulfilling life.

Why delay? Jump-start your journey towards a more mobile and independent lifestyle today with our Mobility Suitability Assessment.

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what out customers say about us

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated online mobility equipment provider.

4.7 from 299+ reviews

4.7 from 299+ reviews

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated online mobility equipment provider.

4.7 from 299+ reviews

4.7 from 299+ reviews

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