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Action Pilot Pressure Cushion

The Pilot is a low-profile cushion that provides pressure relief for most users with a history of pressure ulcers. This multi-use cushion is recommended for use on manual or power wheelchairs and scooters. With a depth of 25.4mm of an Akton Polymer this cushion provides immersion for bony prominences and protects those with a fragile skin integrity.

Product Description

The low profile allows users to effectively reach the floor to maximise comfort. It also conforms to pre-contoured foam or rigid cushions to maximise stability and positioning when required.


Basic and incontinent replacement covers available

Add on to your manual or electric wheelchairs or scooters


Pressure relief

Protects those with fragile skin

Maximise stability and positioning



4.5kg - 6.8kg (dependent on size)

16" x 16" / 16" x 18" / 18" x 18" / 18" x 20" / 20" x 20"

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