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Equagel Protector Pressure Cushion

The Equagel Protector Pressure Cushion is constructed of two layers. The first layer provides extra comfort and cushioning, the second provides further comfort as well as added stability. Made from a dry-polymer gel this cushion has unbelievable tensile and compression strength. The Equagel series are non-allergenic and can be washed simply by spraying the gel with water. Soaps and disinfectants do not harm the gel.

Product Description

Made from a dry-polymer gel, this cushion has unbelieable tensile and compression strength. The Equagel series are non-allergenic and can be washed simply by spraying the gel with water. Soaps and disinfectants do not harm the gel.


Customisable options available


Extra comfort and cushioning. Easily cleaned.

Dry polymer gel

Tensile and compression strength



Starting from 2.5kg (dependent on size)

20" x 18" / 24" x 16" / 18" x 16" / 24" x 18" / 20" x 16" / 26" x 16" / 18" x 18" / 26" x 18" / 16" x 16" / 28" x 16" / 28" x 18" / 30" x 16" / 30" x 18"



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