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Heartway Sahara KX (HP7KXRT) Tilt-N-Space Electric Wheelchair


Easy to Use Controls

Personal joystick controller for the user, or carer controller at the rear

Elevating Legrests

Electronic or manual elevating leg rests and calf support

Weight Carrying Capacity


Summary Features

  • Weight capacity of 180kg
  • Ideal for quick trips
  • Supportive rehab seating system
  • Tilt-N-Space function to recline the user backwards
  • Large tyres designed for outdoor use
  • Fully integrated suspension on the front, drive and rear wheels
  • Offering increased stability with front castors and anti-tip wheels

Product Description

The Sahara KX Tilt-N-Space Electric Wheelchair has a 180kg weight capacity, and contains revolutionary technology that goes above and beyond all other wheelchairs. This model allows the client to tilt to a comfortable position, which is ideal for relieving pressure and great for carer assistance. This great machine also features either manual legrests or electronic elevating leg rests and calf supports.

Large tyres make this electric wheelchair perfect for a range of terrains, while keeping users comfortable and supported with contoured rehab seating, available in sizes up to 24″. The wheelchair is also available with padded lateral supports or thigh guards for added support and security.

The Sahara KX features an easy-to-use joystick controller, which can be positioned on either the left or right hand side. It can also be placed at the back of the machine, meaning the user can move themselves around with their personal controller, or the carer can move the wheelchair using the controller at the rear. This model is fitted with speed control, hazard lights and indication lights for added safety.

Design and Craftsmanship


    Weight Capacity

    Max Speed

    12V/50Ah x 2

    700W 4-Pole x 2

    5 Amp Off-Board

    Rehab Functions Available
    Tilt-N-Space, backrest recline, vertical lift, electric elevating legrests

    Carer Controller
    Carer controller can be fitted to rear


    16"/ 18"/ 20"/ 22"/ 24" rehab seating options

    Drive Wheel
    14 x 6.5-8

    Front Wheel

    Up to 1280mm



    Turning Radius


    Australian Standards/ISO Standards (Vital for Safety)

    MASS SOA Listed

    Rehab Model Crash Tested

    Full - front, middle and rear wheels

    Electromagnetic brakes

    Anti-Tip Wheels

    Seat Belt

    Diagnostic System
    Alerts users in the case of malfunction

    Thermal Rollback Safety System
    Monitors internal temperatures and reduces motor voltage and speed to prevent overheating



Rear Backpack

Oxygen Tank Holder

Cane Holder

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