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InMotor – Manual Wheelchair Attachment

The InMotor is designed to turn your manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair. No need to upgrade to a whole new electric wheelchair, the InMotor allows you to use your trusty manual wheelchair and let it grow with you as your needs change. The InMotor is designed to make life easier for you! Have the freedom of using your manual wheelchair with some added speed. Don’t tire yourself out on shopping trips or days out with family or friends. Let the InMotor do the work for you!

  • InMotor (Motor Body)

Product Description

For distances you feel comfortable travelling without assistance you can simply use your manual wheelchair, and then for longer distances, you can simply attach your InMotor onto the rear of your wheelchair and you’re ready to go! It outputs the appropriate amount of power with its simple operating controls for easy mobility.

Simply follow the manual instructions to first attach the connecting rail onto the rear of your manual wheelchair. The connecting rail is adjustable and can fit wheelchair frames with lengths between 34.5cm – 48.5cm. After this, you can connect the main body of the motor onto the connecting rail with the connecting buckle as shown. Fix the remote control onto the armrest of your wheelchair or as desired and you’re ready to go!



Performance Dimensions


Battery Voltage
DC 36V


Motor Power

Travel Distance
Up to 20-25km (depending on terrain and weight)

Working Temperature
-25°C to 50°C

Climbs slopes up to 15 degrees (carrying up to 80kg - depending on terrain)

Up to 6km/h

Charging time
2 hours

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