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Observer Beach Special Edition 4×4 All Terrain Electric Wheelchair

The Observer Beach Special Edition 4x4 All-Terrain Electric Wheelchair includes extra added features to give you the best experience. This great electric wheelchair includes a self-adjusting seat for added stability and security, and turns in its own circle for easier movement. The Beach Special Edition 4x4 has wide wheels with a unique tread pattern designed for use on sand.

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Product Description

The Observer Beach Special Edition 4×4 is a heavy duty wheelchair, ready to take on the Australian beaches. This machine has wide wheels with a unique tread pattern designed for use on sand, and the wheelchair can even travel through water up to 10cm deep for a brief time. This machine can turn in its own circle for easier control and movement, as well as climb slopes up to 25 degrees dependent on user weight. This wheelchair features a comfortable seat up to 20” and adjustable armrests. The seat utlises self-levelling technology, keeping users safe and comfortable throughout their ride, complemented by the four point tie down seatbelt and puncture resistant 400mm tyres. Utilising a genuine four wheel drive system, with a skid turning system similar to that of a Bobcat, the Beach Special Edition 4×4 is a necessity for those who spend a lot of time by the water.

The Observer Beach Special Edition has a weight capacity of up to 150kg.


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NOTE: All mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are programmed to the current Australian Standards at point of sale. Specifications may represent manufacturer’s maximum capacity of the product for customer’s general information.


Rear Backpack

Oxygen Tank Holder

Cane Holder



Large wheels to tackle a range of terrains, and can even drive through water up to 10cm deep for a brief time.

Can manage sand

Suitable for a range of sand types and carves through sand with ease.

Self-adjusting seat

For added stability and security.


Performance Dimensions

Australian Standards/ ISO Standards

Crash Tested (for use as a chair in a vehicle)

Weight Capacity

Drive Motor
2 x 1350 Watt 4 pole motors (POWER PLUS)

Seat Levelling Rack Motor
Gradient adjustment switch with 300W motor.

PG R - NET Controller

4 x 35 Ah

12 Amp Charger

Electromagnetic braking

Seating Stabiliser
Technology auto adjusts the seat to provide a safer ride, maintaining level seating at all times.

Rustproof aluminium shroud that will take the wear and tear of being out in the bush.


LED lighting system to save battery power.


Travel Distance
Up to 20 km

Semi All-Terrain
Yes, genuine 4 wheel drive

Blue or Red

Optional Extras
Carer control bracket


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