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S19FS+ Heartway Brio 4 Deluxe Portable Mobility Scooter with Swivel Seat

The Heartway Brio 4 Deluxe Portable Mobility Scooter with Swivel Seat is a luxurious spin on the Brio folding mobility scooter with the added feature of an easy access swivel seat. This scooter is built for comfort with a higher and wide comfortable seat and a higher clearance. The Heartway Brio 4 Deluxe with Swivel Seat features Indigo suspension, unique to the Brio range of mobility scooters. What makes it special is its design to aid in keeping all four wheels on the ground on various surfaces. It also features front and rear lights for safety, and g-sensors to assist in making more secure turns. This scooter has the world’s first fold away arm rests at the push of a button.

  • brio-4-deluxe-swivel-turned Brio 4 Deluxe Blue
  • brio-4-deluxe-semi-folded Easy Manual Folding

Product Description

A removable seat makes this scooter lighter and easier for lifting. The Heartway Brio 4 Deluxe is still ideal for travel as it can be folded easily for efficient storage. A great luxury portable mobility scooter providing comfort, stability and ease.

The Brio uses heavy duty thick tubular Mainframe Aluminium (6061).  6061 Aluminium (originally called Alloy 61S) is a precipitation – hardening Aluminium Alloy, containing magnesium and Silicon as its major elements.  This Aluminium is hardened and used for manufacturing rail coaches, truck frames, ship building, bridges and helicopter rotor skins. Many of the parts used within the scooter are also made from Aluminium, creating a scooter with a frame that will lasts for many years to come.


Every person is different, and that’s why we’ll discuss prices to suit your needs when you place an enquiry. You may want to receive a discounted price for buying outright, or you may need to get a loan. You may even be eligible for government assistance – meaning you pay less. Whatever your financial status, a professional team member at Out and About Healthcare can help you. Place an enquiry now.

PAY LESS WHEN YOU BUY OUTRIGHT! Call 1300 366 545 for specifications.

Note: All mobility scooter and electric wheelchairs are programmed to the current Australian Standards at point of sale. Specifications may represent the manufactures maximum capacity of the product for the consumer’s general information.


Travel Carry Case

Under Seat Mesh Bag

Upgrade to 14.5 Amp battery, to increase your travel distance to up to 20km. Please note, 14.5 Amp battery does not come with Material Safety Data Sheet.


Portable & foldable

Manual folding & Travel Friendly

Swivel seat

Easier to get on and off the scooter

Airline Approved

Comes with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Confirm with airline as regulations may change.


Performance Dimensions Operational Extras

Australian/NZ Standards
Yes. One of the few Portable scooters in the market to actually pass the Australian Standards.

Airline Approved
Yes - confirm with your airline as rules may change.

Weight Capacity

Weight of Machine (battery and seat removed)

Weight of Machine (fully assembled)

Simple manual fold in seconds, using a foot pedal

Large 270W

S-Drive 45 AMP

24V 11.5AH Li-Ion Batteries with MSDS certificate

2 AH Off-Board, 110.240 Volt. Can be charged anywhere in the world.

Automatic electric braking system

Indigo Suspension, unique to the Brio Range

Height adjustable tiller, arm rests

Anti Slip Carpet
On foot base to help prevent feet from slipping

Anti Tip Wheels

Travel Distance
Up to 15km

Special Safety Function
Anti-roll-back safety system to prevent scooter from roll back on slopes

Swivel Seat


Paul Downton

I got a Brio portable mobility scooter for my wife and found the service from Darcey Liesegang both prompt and helpful. We're on a very limited income and until I spoke with Darcey I wasn't sure how we could manage to afford it – but it seems we can! Delivery was prompt and getting the scooter up and running was a breeze. My wife and I are both very impressed and although it hasn't been tried through a lot of use yet, all the signs are good and we're looking forward to a whole new era of freedom! Thanks Darcey! And to all the team who took my original enquiry through to a great solution with faultless delivery.

Michelle Medancic

Great company to deal and very helpful and prompt with delivery Darcy was a pleasure to deal with highly recommended.

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