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S19V – Heartway Brio 3 Automatic Portable Mobility Scooter

The Heartway Brio 3 Automatic Portable Mobility Scooter is powerful, efficient mobility scooter. This portable mobility scooter features automatic folding making it simple to fold and store as a compact unit. With innovative press button swipe technology, no key turn is needed to start.

  • s19v titanium S19V Titanium

Product Description

This scooter has a weight capacity of 115kg. It is the perfect portable mobility scooter for family outings and trips to the shopping centre. The Heartway Brio 3 meets the Australian Standards of safety. It is an innovative and efficient portable mobility scooter.

The Brio uses heavy duty thick tubular Mainframe Aluminium (6061).  6061 Aluminium (originally called Alloy 61S) is a precipitation – hardening Aluminium Alloy, containing magnesium and Silicon as its major elements.  This Aluminium is hardened and used for manufacturing rail coaches, truck frames, ship building, bridges and helicopter rotor skins. Many of the parts used within the scooter are also made from Aluminium, creating a scooter with a frame that will lasts for many years to come.


Every person is different, and that’s why we’ll discuss prices to suit your needs when you place an enquiry. You may want to receive a discounted price for buying outright, or you may need to get a loan. You may even be eligible for government assistance – meaning you pay less. Whatever your financial status, a professional team member at Out and About Healthcare can help you. Place an enquiry now.

PAY LESS WHEN YOU BUY OUTRIGHT! Call 1300 366 545 for specifications.

Note: All mobility scooter and electric wheelchairs are programmed to the current Australian Standards at point of sale. Specifications may represent the manufactures maximum capacity of the product for the consumer’s general information.


Travel Carry Case

Upgrade to 14.5 Amp battery, to increase your travel distance to up to 20km. Please note, 14.5 Amp battery does not come with Material Safety Data Sheet.



Automatic folding


Compact and travel friendly

Airline Approved

Comes with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Confirm with airline as regulations may change.


Performance Dimensions Operational Extras

Australian Standards/ISO Standards

Weight Capacity

Weight of Machine (battery and seat removed)

Weight of Machine (fully assembled)

Max Speed

270 Watt

Dynamic R-Series 50A

24V/11.5 Ah x 1 Lithium Ion Battery (with MSDS Certificate that indicates their suitability for plane travel)

2 Ah Li-ion Off-Board, 110-240 V

Indigo Suspension designed for safety by allowing on most terrains all wheels to stay in contact with ground

Press button with swipe technology (no key turn needed)

Full front and back lighting system with hazard lights

Button release height adjustable armrests, fixed to frame for strength. Swing away technology for ease of getting on and off the scooter.

Cross Bar
New carbon fibre cross bar

Travel Distance
Up to 15km

Turquoise Blue, Red, Tea

Included Extras
Under seat carry bag

Swivel Seat Option
Yes, upgrade to a swivel seat



I have been looking at various suppliers of Mobility Scooters for some time and then I came across Stephen at Out and About Healthcare. He has kept in touch over several months and has been able to supply me with an excellent scooter at a very competitive price. I have also found that the professionalism of the Out and About team is excellent. I am very pleased with the way they have looked after me.

Alan Kenny

Great experience with Out and About initially spoke to Gavan who discussed my needs and came up with a deal on a Brio self folding scooter. It arrived in 3 days and after unpacking the considerable protective packaging I fired it up and had my first ride, sensational could not have wished for better. I have had 3 follow up calls to ensure that the scooter is all ok and if I am happy. I am happy to recommend Out and About to anyone who needs expert advice and a totally professional approach to service - a very wel recommended business to deal with. Alan Kenny

Johanna Glatz

Extremely helpful friendly & accomodating staff. Huge number of mobility scooters & wheelchairs for viewing and trying. Thanks to Darcey for all your time & patience explaining things. Darcey catered exactly to our needs and found us the perfect folding mobility scooter otherwise it would have been overwhelming. Delivery was fast & they ran through everything again to ensure a smooth and easy handover. If you’re looking to purchase mobility scooters & wheelchairs then head over to Out and About Healthcare Deception Bay - you won’t be disappointed. Tell them your needs and they’ll try their utmost to best accomodate to those needs. We found them to have the best range and they even gave us a significant discount for outright purchase which included delivery to your door! Totally recommend them!!! Thanks Out And About Healthcare and thanks again Darcey!!!

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