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Mobility Scooter and Wheelchair Accessories

A mobility scooter isn’t just a ride from A to B, it’s your personal chariot. Style it, design it and modify it to represent you.

Rollator TRA01

Every person is different, and that’s why we’ll discuss prices to suit your needs when you place an enquiry. You may want to receive a discounted price for buying outright, or you may need to get a loan. You may even …

Companion Rehab Backrest

The Companion Rehab Backrest has been designed for your comfort and convenience when using Out and About Healthcare’s range of Companion Travel Electric Wheelchairs. With a taller and cushioned backrest design, the Companion Rehab Backrest offers extra back support and comfort, …

Golf Bag Holder

The golf bag holder allows you to carry all of your golfing necessities so you can focus on your skills while knowing your equipment is safe and secure. It attaches to the rear of our larger mobility scooters, and is a …

Green Heartway Canopy

Our fixed green canopy is perfect for getting out and about during the summer months. It will provide cover from the sun when riding your mobility scooter. Canopies are designed for the larger mobility products such as the Aviator and Mirage …

Companion Soft Cover

The Companion Soft Cover is an ideal accessory for your Companion wheelchair. This soft cover fits over your Companion and protects it from scratches, and dust. The soft cover is made from a high quality, tear resistant material. Contact Out and …

rollator holder

Rollator Holder

The Rollator Holder fits to the back of the Heartway Canopy or can be fitted directly to the scooter. It carries most rollator models and walking aids. It features a special non-scratch design.

cane holder, walking stick holder, umbrella holder, fishing rod holder

Cane Holder

Never again will you forget your umbrella or walking stick with the Cane Holder attached to your scooter. Add this to your package when purchasing your scooter.

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