Mobility Scooter Accessories

A mobility scooter isn’t just a ride from A to B, it’s your personal chariot. Style it, design it and modify it to represent you.

rollator holder

Rollator Holder

The Rollator Holder fits to the back of the Heartway Canopy or can be fitted directly to the scooter. It carries most rollator models and walking aids. It features a special non-scratch design.

cane holder, walking stick holder, umbrella holder, fishing rod holder

Cane Holder

Never again will you forget your umbrella or walking stick with the Cane Holder attached to your scooter. Add this to your package when purchasing your scooter.

Oxygen Tank Holder

The Oxygen Tank Holder enables your freedom to get out and about and maintain your lifestyle. It fits to the back of most scooter models – just ask our great team which ones. It also fits to the rear of the …

rear basket

Rear Basket

The Rear Wire Basket from Out and About makes it easy for you to carry your items with you when you go out. Whether its groceries, your purse or wallet – you can carry your items around securely in the rear …

rear bag for scooters

Rear Bag

The Rear Bag allows you to carry your items in ease with peace of mind they’re safe and secure. It includes a reflector strip for safety, zip closure, and a metal frame for strength. It’s made from a high-quality tear resistant …

scooter canopy open

Foldback Sun Canopy

The Foldback Sun Canopy is perfect if you love taking your scooter out in the sun. Its easy design allows you to attach easily foldback and pull apart the frame so you can get some sun in winter. It fits most …

easy move soft case s21

Heartway Easy Move (S21) Soft Case

With a sleek and easy-to-use design, the cover sits up-right while you fold, push the scooter into the case and zip it up. When not in use the Easy Move case folds down campactly and takes up very little room.


A0013 – Mobie Carry Case

The Mobie Carry Case is ideal for transporting and storing your Mobie scooter. Built specifically for the Mobie it fits the scooter comfortably; keeping it safe from outside dangers such as possible scratches. Ideal for safe storage of the Mobie scooter, …

Portable Scooter/Wheelchair Hoist

All Mobility Equipment is programmed to the current Australian Standards at point of sale. Specifications may represent manufactures maximum capacity of the product for customer’s general information.”