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Jan 21, 2020Dian Templeton0 comments

Here at Out and About, we work tirelessly to help our customers gain independence, helping them to lead happier lives with more freedom. Many of our happy customers like to share their experiences and photos with us. Here are some of the highlights!

Toni, John and Benny with the Aviator S8

This lovely couple came in looking for a new tyre for their 15 year old Heartway scooter. After taking a look at some of our scooters and giving them a spin, they decided to upgrade, and take home not one but two Aviators! Here is the happy couple with their sweet little doxxie, Benny. Benny is going to be super excited about the newfound freedom!

Matthew with the Mantra

Matthew purchased a brand new Mantra recently, here he is with his brand new ride!

Terri with The Vita S!

Terri is travelling in style with the powerful Vita Sports. This semi-all terrain scooter is comfortable and stylish, perfect for getting out and about.

Wade with the Vita S!

Wade also got a Vita Sports, and here he is clearly happy with his brand spankin' new semi-all terrain beast!

Debra with the Companion 150

Debra recently purchased a Companion wheelchair with us which she's very happy with, but it's also not her first time purchasing from us! She came in to share her story for our documentary series, Project Movement. Check out the video below to hear her story!



Lorraine's sweet dog Gigette on the Robust Lift Recline Chair!

We all know what it's like having animals, they have a tendency to be cheeky and steal your seats and you just can't stay mad at them when they've got a face that cute! Check out adorable little Gigette enjoying Lorraine's Robust Lift Recline chair!

Alex and Maggie

Maggie and Alex both came in to get some new rides to get out and about! Alex decided on the Zen while Maggie got herself a pre-loved scooter.

Brett and the Companion 150

Here is our happy customer Brett with his Companion 150. This portable electric wheelchair folds down so that you can store it in your car much easier!

Send Us Your Happy Snaps!

We hope you've enjoyed reading about our happy customers as much as we did. If you would like to share pictures or a testimonial, or you want to know more about the products pictured please feel free to contact us!

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