Who Else Wants Mobility Aids Specifically Designed To Give You

Freedom And Independence?

Out and About Healthcare started with two people and a passion to improve the lives of everyday Australians who’d suffered misfortune. One of them was a palliative care pastor. The other was a vastly experienced medical professional.

Together they saw an absolute need to provide medical aids that gave back life to those who needed assistance with their mobility.

This passion and the drive to care for their fellow Australians was the seed that grew Out and About Healthcare into Australia’s top choice for innovative medical aids, with the reliability and quality that our customers deserve, so they can feel confident and independent and not a burden on their families.

The company started in 2006 with a modest range of innovative mobility aids and has rapidly grown into a family-owned, nationwide Association. Our longevity is testament to our commitment to quality and ensuring that our customers get the absolute best mobility aids as possible.

Our core values of quality, reliability, and service have served us and our customers well for more than 14 years. Our mission is to make sure that those affected by mobility restraints can have their lives transformed: not just a little, but radically better.