Our time at the Source for Kids Expo

Jul 19, 2018Dian Templeton0 comments
On the 6th and 7th of July, we had the opportunity to attend the Source for Kids Expo, and highlight to children and young adults that you can still be a superhero with a disability!

With over 130 companies attending the Expo, we were able to meet some pretty cool organisations who do amazing things to support the disabled community.


CareCircle was one of the fantastic groups that we met at the Expo. Founded by a community of "Do-gooders" that include parents, therapists and experts that have a goal to bring affordable tools and expertise to the Circle of Care's primary non-clinical environments, which are home's, school's, workplaces and social settings.

This founding community have all lived, experienced and witnessed first-hand the challenges that are common within the Circle of Care, often instigated by an altered life course. That's why they have developed an innovative health app called "HELPA" that can be used as a primary tool for organizing help and care with friends, family, therapists and your community during a time of need. HELPA is easy to pre-register for the app through the app store or through google play, and was created to allow you to "connect with those experiencing a similar journey, capture the milestones that matter, securely store, manage & share these journeys with therapists and experts from anywhere, at any time."

If you are someone or know someone supporting a person with autism, CareCircle's page is your next best stop.


Established to assist children and their families with access to special needs equipment, therapy and health services; Giveability is run by GRT Foundation Limited, a not for profit registered charity that share a goal with giveability to support their community. Wanting to bridge the gap between identifying a need for specialist special needs equipment, and obtaining access to suitable permanent equipment, Giveability provides a variety of different services designed to improve the life of those with a disability.

Scott and Jame Standen, as well as Melissa Locke, designed the program with an aim to improve the lives of children with special needs by providing short-term loans of their equipment, establishing a calming multi sensory room, also making available beach wheelchairs at Gold Coast beaches and special needs trikes at key public parklands.

Their multi-sensory room, located only 20 minutes from the heart of the Gold Coast, is a safe place designed for children to explore and stimulate the sense of touch, smell, sight, emotion and movement. With an array of sensory variations to experience, such as lights and sounds to turn on and off, and the ability to feel various textures and a vibrations, children will be able to be in control of what they are feeling and allow them to feel relaxed and excited by their surroundings.

With so many benefits, which the Hidden Angel Foundation explain can be "the improvement of the development of thought, intelligence and social skills", a multi sensory environment offer people with cognitive impairments and other challenging conditions the opportunity to enjoy and control a variety of sensory experiences". If this sounds like something that you want to try, you can find their multi-sensory room within Movement Solutions physiotherapy rooms.

Brolly Sheets

Designed by a mum based in New Zealand, Brolly sheets general store provide a variety of waterproof items, and have a line especially for those with special needs.

Diane Hurford came up with her waterproof mattresses when she couldn't find anything that made changing sheets in the early hours of the morning as easy as it should be, with the few options being far to expensive.  With these waterproof mattresses, Diane has said that changing sheets turns from minutes to seconds. With the company rapidly growing,  Brolly Sheets have gone from exclusively just selling mattress protectors, to now offering an extensive range of different products, including waterproof "woxers", seat protectors, and sheets - allowing you to have the beauty sleep you

Brolly sheets make clean-ups a breeze, wishing you had them in your life sooner!


Dion, the founder of WickedWheelchairs, sustained a spinal cord injury after a motorbike accident in 1983. As an active person, Dion didn't want to give up his lifestyle, and wanted to have a wheelchair that had style and also expressed his personal needs. After 33 years of experience, including apprentice work for 10 years with a company who manufactured customized manual wheelchairs, Dion uses his experience and understanding when prescribing wheelchairs, pressure relieving seating and other products.

At WickedWheelchairs, they are all about supporting their community, that's why they are massive ambassadors for a range of different groups which range from Spinal Life Australia, to The OI Society of Australia. With a page dedicated to an abundance of different organisations they support, WickedWheelchairs highlights the amazing work that these groups do, and how they could potentially help or enhance your life. They encourage for anyone who can to get involved and support these groups.

House with No Steps 

Another amazing organisation we had the pleasure to meet at Source for Kids, House with No Steps, is Australia’s leading disability service provider and was established over 55 years ago by Frank Watts. With a mission to give those a greater choice, control and freedom, they want to empower those with disabilities to live life on their own terms. With a vision that encompasses "to create inclusive communities which respect, value and empower all people with a disability", House with No Steps wants to help make the world more compassionate one step at a time.

This begins with their simple yet effective belief that disability services are all about you - what you want, your goals, and dreams. Whether that means moving out of home, finding a job, or being active, they are here to help. Some of their disability services include employment support, accommodation support, and therapy and clinical support.

Understandably, House with No Steps have thousands of happy customers, and with each and every one of these happy customers having their own unique and wonderful story to tell, they love to highlight these. With a range of different accounts, from Nick's NDIS planning process, to Jade's accommodation support, you can inspire yourself, and see how House with No Steps can help you. If you are wanting to see these stories for yourself, you can click here!

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