Spring Time in Your Electric Wheelchair

Sep 18, 2018Dian Templeton0 comments
It’s September and you know what that means… Spring has sprung! If the warming weather has you looking for places to go on your scooter or wheelchair, then look no further. Here at Out and About Healthcare, we have it covered for you - check out our top 3 things to do this spring!

The Park

If a relaxing time with family and friends sounds like the perfect day, spring is the perfect time to enjoy your local park. You can tear up the grass in your Sahara Electric Wheelchair or ride around and immerse yourself in the greenery. The Sahara features an ergonomic seat ensuring a comfortable ride, and 14'' rear tyres for ease and control. Many parks and playgrounds across Australia have wheelchair accessible entries and equipment for your pleasure. If you’re feeling adventurous grab on tight and ride the carousel or get amongst the trees while on the swing set and then relax with a delicious picnic lunch.

All Terrain Exploration

Enjoy the salty scent of the ocean while taking your Beach 4x4 Electric Wheelchair  for a spin on the sand. This all-terrain machine with large tyres allows you to travel across sand and low levels of water and even climb slopes up to 15 degrees - so you say goodbye to any limitations with this fantastic wheelchair!

Or maybe you’ve been immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city and you’re looking to escape to the country, breathe the fresh air and enjoy vibrant colours Australia’s greatest National Parks. Wondering how you would get across this rough terrain? Wonder no more! The Bush Wheelchair will allow you to glide through the bumpy terrain so you can savour those gorgeous views. The Observer Aussie Bush 4x4 All Terrain Electric Wheelchair  is fantastic for outdoor use. This wheelchair can turn in its own circle for easier control and manoeuvring and similar to the Beach Wheelchair it can also climb slopes up to 15 degrees which will have you exploring in no time!

The Zoo

Take a trip on the wild side and kick off spring with a visit to your local zoo! Get amongst the cute and cuddly animals or if you’re wanting more of an adrenaline rush head over and brave the reptiles.

The Companion Electric Wheelchair is perfect to fold up and pop in the back of your car for easy travel to and from the zoo. You’ll have no worries with this highly responsive wheelchair, it’s the ultimate companion for endless animal adventures. With its larger front wheels and a stronger motor it is still compact in size and folds in seconds which makes it ideal for family outings. Weighing only 20.4kg with the batteries removed this wheelchair can be folded compactly for easy stowage.

Australia has a variety of different zoos with wheelchair accessibility so you can zip through the crowd on your companion to all of the exhibits and shows to ensure you are getting Out and About in spring 2018.

Out and About Healthcare is passionate about seeing our customers making the most of their new wheelchairs. We would love to see you out this spring time so if you have any photos please send them through to admin16@outandabouthealthcare.com

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