The Smallest Mobility Scooter

Feb 01, 2020Dian Templeton0 comments

We've taken a look at some great places to visit, along with some other travel tips and tricks. But what about the smallest mobility scooter, perfect for travelling?

Taking a scooter on the plane, a cruise or even down to the shops can be a bit of a tricky task with heavier scooters. Traversing cruise ships and shopping centres on a larger scooter can be tricky, as there's not always a lot of room to move around. Luckily though, there's a great solution to this problem, and it comes in the form of a lightweight mobility scooter.

The Heartway Easy Move

The Easy Move is lightweight and easy to use. Check out how comfortable and happy Gwen looks with her S21M!

Small and compact, the Easy Move offers a great solution to your travel needs. So, it's easy to move around in tight spaces. Because of this, it's great for indoors!


What's also great about this scooter is that it only weighs 19.6kg. So, it's easy to take with you. So, if you want something small to chuck in the car and head down to the shops with, it's the perfect solution.

Great For Travel

The smallest mobility scooter
The Easy Move is perfect for travel.

The Easy Move is great for taking on holidays with you, especially on the plane. However, you should still always check with your airline in advance. It comes with an MSDS for the lithium ion battery, as you will need this to take it on the plane.

Tight Turning Radius

Since the two front wheels are placed so closely together, it gives the advantage of a three wheeled scooter having a tighter turning radius while still offering the benefit of the stability of a four wheeled scooter. It really is ideal for small spaces!


The smallest mobility scooter
It also folds down!

Adding to the amazing capacity for portability, both models of this scooter fold down! So, we offer two options; automatic folding or manual folding. These options both have a different weight as they are slightly different, but not to worry, they are still both incredibly lightweight! The automatic model weighs 20.6kg and the manual model weighs only 19.6kg! As you can see, it's super handy!


Get out and about easier with the travel case.

We also offer several handy upgrades! You can upgrade to a soft travel carry case to help protect your scooter on the go. Or, a portable hoist to help make things easier for you to get your scooter into your car smoothly!

Try the portable hoist and get your scooter into your car with ease!

As you can see, if you're after something light and easy to use, the Heartway Easy Move range is a no brainer! Well, what are you waiting for? Enquire today and chat with our friendly team.

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