Updates on the Heartway Factory

May 13, 2023Dian Templeton0 comments
As the dedicated Australian supplier of Heartway Medical Products, Out and About Healthcare was devastated to learn that Heartway’s factory in Taiwan had burnt down in February of this year. Understandably, this completely halted the production of Heartway products.

Fortunately, on February 14 2018 only two weeks after the fire, the Heartway team in Taiwan moved into a new and improved factory. The 7000 square metre, five floor building is now up and operating, and the Heartway team has been working tirelessly to bring everything together.

Understandably, due to the unpredictable destruction of the original factory there has been some delay in manufacturing, however production is well and truly back underway, and we are excited to receive our first shipments from the new factory in the coming weeks! A new shipment of our highly sought after Brio 3 Standard, Brio 4 and Brio 4 Deluxe mobility scooters will be arriving in the coming months.

We’re also anticipating our first shipment of replacement parts to arrive at our head office in Deception Bay in mid-July. We appreciate everyone’s continuing patience and understanding over the past few months, and as we continue to receive information from Heartway regarding production times and shipment times, our staff at Out and About Healthcare will do our best to keep you updated.

Despite an eventful start to the year, everything is now back up and running and the relationship between Out and About Healthcare and Heartway Medical Products has never been better. We wish all our Heartway family in Taiwan the best, and thank them for their dedication to getting everything back to normal and running smoothly again as fast as possible.

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