How a Memory Foam Mattress can help you get a better sleep

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Regardless of how much sleep a person gets, chances are that they may not feel like they've gotten enough. The reason people feel they may not have gotten enough sleep is because sleep can often be plagued with interruptions that prevent sleepers from resting the way they should. These interruptions can include pain, such as joint and back aches; stress, anxiety or noise; all of which keep sleepers from sleeping soundly and deeply enough to feel rested even after 8 hours of sleep.

This is exactly why people who suffer from sleep disorders desire a comfortable bed--a bed that will accommodate their needs while allowing them to sleep peacefully and deeply without interruption. This need for a comfortable bed led to the development of memory foam mattresses.

What makes a memory foam mattress better than other mattresses?

One thing that makes memory foam mattresses better than other mattresses is the fact that sleepers tend to sleep more soundly when they sleep on these products. Why's that? Because sleepers experience a reduction in pain and pressure, which ultimately results in them being able to sleep well. Another reason why people sleep better on memory foam mattresses is because sleepers are not kept awake by tossing and turning anymore. When you move around too much in your sleep, you end up with less-than-comfortable sheets wrapped around your body; so if the mattress you sleep on tends to keep its shape no matter how many times you roll or turn over while asleep, this means that changes are as minimal as possible.

What is a memory foam mattress made of?

Memory foam is composed of millions of tiny open cells containing heat sensitive chemicals, whose sole function is to provide sleepers with comfort and support.

A memory foam mattress is made up of a material called polyurethane . Polyurethane is an organic and non-organic compound. This means that the material can be easily recycled or thrown out depending on the kind of facility it goes to. A memory foam mattress usually has at least 2 different pounds of density: lightweight and heavy. The lighter weight density is better for sleepers who sleep hot, sleep light, sleep on their sides, sleep cool and sleep soft; this helps keep them cool and comfortable while asleep by regulating body temperature because heat retention does not occur with this type of mattress as much as it does with a high weight density product.

Comfort layers are also important when you talk about quality memory foam mattresses. It is composed of a 2-3 inch sleep surface where sleepers will sleep on top of. The sleep surface or comfort layer provides the sleep with some hug and contour, but it also helps to distribute body weight evenly so that sleepers are less likely to suffer from pressure points like sore shoulders, hips, knees and elbows.

Comfort layers should be around 2.2kgs in density because a higher amount of density would mean less hug. Comfort layers should also be around 3 inches for the same reason as listed above: too much thickness can lead to reduced contouring support.

The second important component when talking about quality memory foam mattresses are sleep base foam layers. They provide strong support for sleepers who weigh more than 113kg per square foot.

Hence, sleep bases should be around 1.6kg in density. Again, sleepers also need sleep base mattresses to have thickness of at least 6 inches for them to work properly and provide optimal support for sleepers.

A third important aspect among memory foam mattresses is the box spring or platform which they are placed on top of.

Comfort layers can't work properly without a strong sleep base underneath and sleep base foam layers won't do their job if not supported by a proper sleep foundation. You can either buy just a mattress or a mattress coupled with its sleep platform/box spring separate because these two components work together to give you the best possible sleep experience overall.

Who benefits most from a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam beds are ideal for people with sleep-related health issues and those with back pain, neck pain as well as joint pains will sleep very comfortably on them.

Memory foam mattresses are highly recommended by doctors for alleviating the most common kinds of sleep disorders: back pain, insomnia and restless sleeping. Four in Five Australians suffer from some kind of back pain during their lifetime and memory foam mattresses provide great relief for chronic back sufferers .

Due to their spinal alignment, body weight distribution and pressure redistribution properties, memory foams help reduce pressure points that cause numbness in the extremities and prevent blockage in blood vessels which would restrict sleep.

Memory foam mattresses are also recommended for sleep disorders like sleep apnea . Sufferers of this sleep disorder have to sleep on their back or side in order to breathe well. When a sufferer sleeps on other positions such as stomach it causes the soft tissues blocking the airway to collapse and restricts breathing. Memory foam mattresses allow one to sleep comfortably on any position without experiencing breathing problems, thus improving sleep quality.

Why a high-quality memory foam mattress is best

The right mattress is very important for good sleep because it provides optimal support while keeping you comfortable, which is not possible with ordinary spring mattresses that cause discomfort when sleeping for prolonged periods of time. Forbes noted that people who invest in a high-quality memory foam mattress get better sleep than those using cheaper ones.

There is a difference in quality and price in memory foam mattresses and it is beneficial to invest in your memory foam mattress. The reason why memory foam mattresses are more expensive compared to regular ones is because they need to be made with a higher density of foam in order to have good support for sleepers. Durability is another factor that can make memory foam mattresses more expensive than ordinary ones. The high-quality mattress will not flatten quickly or feel uncomfortable when you sleep on it every day for many years. Investing in your sleep by purchasing a high-quality memory foam mattress is essential for better sleep quality.

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