Peripheral Neuropathy

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If you suffer from diabetes, the chances are you may also suffer from peripheral neuropathy and as a result suffer from poor sleep. So, what's the best bed to help you sleep through?

In this blog post, we explain what peripheral neuropathy is and have selected a product that we highly recommend to get you a good night's rest and ease your discomfort.

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?

A disorder that affects the peripheral nerves, peripheral neuropathy can cause pain.

Peripheral neuropathy is a disorder that affects the peripheral nerves, causing numerous problems. Peripheral nerves are the nerves that carry messages to the body from the brain and spinal cord. They are connected to the skin, muscles and internal organs. Peripheral neuropathy damages these nerves, disrupting signals sent.

What Types of Nerve Signalling Disruptions Are There?

So, there are a few different ways in which nerve signals can be disrupted. It's cliche, but think of it as a system of electrical wires. Signals can be disrupted entirely, there can be inappropriate signalling, or distorted signalling.

Think of them like electrical wires.

What Types of Nerves Can Be Damaged?

Different types of nerves can be damaged, causing different symptoms. There are many different ways that it can affect the body, including carpal tunnel syndrome.

Motor Nerves

Motor nerves are the nerves that control conscious movement. So, damage to these nerves can cause muscle weakness, cramps, muscle shrinkage and twitching.

Sensory Nerves

The sensory nerves cover a broad range of things. As the name suggests, it affects the senses of touch, pain and temperature. So, there are two types. Firstly, if you suffer from sensory nerve damage to the large sensory fibres you may experience a loss of reflexes or the inability to co-ordinate complex movement.

Secondly, there can be nerve damage to the small sensory fibres. So, this means that your sense of pain and temperature is affected. You will find that it is worse at night. It goes so far as to cause severe pain from even the lightest touch.

Autonomic Nerves

Autonomic nerves control everything that you the body does automatically. In other words, the organs. As a result of nerve damage to these nerves, you can have numerous unpleasant problems. Some of these can be heat intolerance, blood pressure problems, gastro-intestinal problems and even excess sweating.

You can have more than one of these types of nerve damage, and there are hundreds of types of peripheral neuropathy, with many different causes. However, the leading cause is diabetes (approximately 50% of diabetics suffer from peripheral neuropathy).

What's The Best Bed For Peripheral Neuropathy?

peripheral neuropathy affects the nerves
Peripheral neuropathy can cause discomfort during sleep.

It's an unfortunate fact that peripheral neuropathy causes sleep disruptions, and while we can't take your pain away we can offer a product that will ease your discomfort. There are many different conditions that can cause the kind of discomfort that can be eased a little with the right bed, so keep reading if you'd like to find out more about it!

The Therapeautic Gel Adjustable Bed

The Thero-Gel Adjustable Bed can help by offering a softer, supportive mattress with adjustable positions, relieving the pressure on the pain areas of your body. While no bed can take your pain away, the correct bed can help to alleviate the pain through high quality comfort support. 

It’s a truly revolutionary design, designed specifically to help alleviate those awful pains throughout the night while keeping you nice and cool. With firmer sides for easier transfer and both a soft and a firm side so that you can flip the mattress to suit your comfort needs, it’s the perfect option!

So, if you think this might be a great option for you, why not contact our friendly team to have a chat about it?

Disclaimer: This article is not to be used in place of medical advice. If you have any concerns regarding your health please speak to your doctor.

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