The Secret Steps To Locking Your Electric Wheelchair

Feb 07, 2020Dian Templeton0 comments

Did you know that you can lock the controls on your Heartway electric wheelchair? Do you want to know the secret to locking your Heartway electric wheelchair? Well, we can show you how! Let's take a look below.

Please note that once you've locked your electric wheelchair, it cannot be operated until it is unlocked again. So please ensure you only lock it if you are confident unlocking it again!

Please also note that this does not apply to any of the portable models.

Locking Your Heartway Electric Wheelchair

The first step is to turn your wheelchair on if it isn't already. Then you will need to hold the power button until you hear a beep. Move the joystick forward and hold again until you hear another beep, then move the joystick backwards and hold until you hear the beep again. Performing this swiftly is key! If you wait too long between these steps, it will cancel and you will need to start again. It may take a few tries to get it right, and that's perfectly okay! I know it sure took me a few tries when I did it!

To help you out, we've put in a quick gif of the unlocking process below.

Unlocking Your Electric Wheelchair

Now that you've locked your wheelchair, the most important step is unlocking it again. Luckily it is nice and simple.

The first step, as always, is turning it on. Then you will need to move your joystick forward until you hear the beep. Then backwards again until you hear another beep. There, that's it, now your wheelchair is unlocked and ready to roll!

Take a look at the gif below to see a demonstration.

Now you know the secret steps to locking your Heartway electric wheelchair! So whether you want to ensure the security of the chair, or you just don't want to accidentally bump it, you're good to go! If you have any more questions, why not contact our friendly team?

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