Why you should talk to a fitting specialist

May 13, 2023Dian Templeton0 comments
At Out and About, we have the 'A-Team' of fitting specialists that are here to help you find the product that meets your needs. Also referred to as our 'Product Inquiry Team',  our team of experts will be imperative in the process of getting one of our products into your life, and that's why it is so important to chat with them.

So how do our Fitting specialists help you?

By asking you the right questions, and learning about yourself, our team can begin to formulate what they believe will be the perfect product for you. Whether it be one of our scooters, chairs or beds you're interested in - our team can find the one for you.

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Not only are they able to discuss our products with you, but can also discuss potential government funding options such as NDIS, MASS and more which commonly assist many of our customers in covering costs for our scooters and wheelchairs.

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