Top Adjustable Beds Of 2019

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Are you causing more damage to your body than you think?

Stop the stressful, painful and restless nights of no sleep and invest in a bed that’s actually going to help you with your poor sleeping habits.  Out & About Healthcare have an experienced team of fitting specialists that have helped many people find the perfect bed for their lifestyles. We come across many people who actually have got serious medical issues, yet they have a bed that does not help them. We see it more than often and this year we have chosen out the three most popular adjustable medical grade beds that have ended our client’s nights of no sleep. 

Pillow Top Pocket Spring Traditional Adjustable Bed

  • Available in a range of bed and mattress sizes

  • Traditional pocket spring mattress with a plush pillow-top layer

  • Functions allow user to electrically adjust head and leg position


This remodeled Traditional Adjustable Bed base is the perfect mix of simplicity and style. Its padded grey exterior and modernised necessities is perfect for you if you love the traditional look. This adjustable bed includes an adjustable bed base with a plush pillow top mattress, so this mattress is flexible for your needs! These luxury necessities give you the freedom to adjust head and feet positions, great for your body’s blood circulation and health. The Traditional Adjustable Bed Base is carefree and comfortable, a simple bed with indulging necessities that does its job.   

Comfort Therapeutic Memory Foam Adjustable Massage Bed

  • Available in a range of bed and mattress sizes

  • Gel-infused therapeutic mattress for body temperature regulation and pressure distribution

  • Functions allow user to electrically adjust head and leg positions

  • Built-in massage function available

  • Pre-set sleeping positions

  • Zero Gravity

Do you get really hot at night while you are sleeping? If you do then this adjustable bed will be your best friend. This bed is made of various amounts of layers of foam combined with gel-infused medical grade memory foam. This is all possible through our advanced technology and research that’s created the perfect hybrid bed that’s too comfortable to resist.

This bed features its gel-infused memory foam as its purpose for design was created with firmer sides to promote and support an easier way to get out of bed. Its soft memory foam does not stray away from your medical needs as its cover contains bamboo that has natural antibacterial properties built into it. This bed is not only multi-functional but has all the features that make up the recipe for a worry free night of sleep!

Therapeutic Gel Adjustable Bed

  • Available in a variety of bed and mattress sizes

  • Mattress has a softer side and a firmer side to suit different users

  • Functions allow user to electrically modify head and leg positions

This brand new cutting-edge adjustable bed is the newest on the market in support technology. This bed is specifically manufactured to regulate your body temperature, helping you through those long hot hours of laying down. Its innovative gel cooling system includes an actual layer of gel is built into the top layers of the bed to counteract the heat from building up in the mattresses top layers. Making it a lot more comfortable when you’re in the same position for hours.

Other foam beds are made with standard foam, no gel layers and made with one sort of foam all the way through. Its basic design traps heat and causes an uncomfortable amount of body heat and sweat build up. Our beds are made with a bamboo cover that you can psychically unzip and clean, making it all round much more hygienic and you know exactly what’s inside of your bed.

This adjustable bed is so versatile to your lifestyle that you can flip the mattress in regards to what you need. The mattress itself is 25cm thick, one side being soft and the other being firmer, the bed itself also has firmer sides to give that extra assistance for easy transfer in and out of bed. This bed was personally designed by Out & About Healthcare to adjust to your body shape. We are so confident in our product we think the bed can speak for itself and within 14 days it will prove to be the best nights of sleep you have had in years!

It is so common for people to ask our fitting specialists why it’s even merely a good reason to invest in one of our adjustable beds.  The thing is, people forget that they can justify buying a beautiful brand new $30,000  car just to spent an hour or thirty minutes at a time to travel in it. Now reflect that onto what bed you’re buying, theoretically you’re spending up to 7-8 hours in bed so why compromise your sleep with a cheap bed?

If you want to find a bed that’s going to improve your sleeping habits leading to better health please give us a call on 1300 366 545, our fitting specialists are here to help! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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