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May 13, 2023Dian Templeton0 comments
As you may be aware, our Heartway production facility in Taiwan unfortunately suffered a destructive fire in February of 2018. You can read some updates on the Heartway Factory here. Understandably, there has been some delay in manufacturing as the company relocated to a new facility. Production is well and truly back underway now, and we are excited to receive our first shipments from the new factory in the coming weeks! A new shipment of our highly sought after Brio 3 Standard, Brio 4 and Brio 4 Deluxe mobility scooters will be arriving in the coming months, as well as the Heartway Vita S12S and KD Companion wheelchairs.

Brio 3 Standard


The Heartway Brio 3 (S19) scooter is a powerful, travel folding mobility scooter. Heartway’s base model portable scooter can be manually folded into a compact unit in just seconds. It features plane-safe Lithium-ion batteries, which come with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to present to airlines and cruise lines before you travel. The batteries have the strength to drive this portable scooter up to 15km on a single charge. With all this driving, you’ll want to know that you’re safe - solid alloy puncture-proof front and back wheels mean you’ll never have to worry about a flat tyre! Additional safety features include an automatic electric braking system and patented Indigo Suspension which ensures all of the scooter’s wheels remain in contact with the ground, even on uneven surfaces. The scooter also incorporates automatic speed reduction when cornering, as well as an anti-rollback safety system to prevent the scooter from rolling backwards whilst on sloped surfaces.

Brio 4


The Heartway Brio 4 (S19F) scooter is like the four-wheeled older sibling of the Brio 3. Just like the Brio 3, it is a manual-folding, travel-safe mobility scooter, which features plane-safe Lithium-ion batteries. Just like the Heartway Brio 3, the S19F has a weight capacity of 115kg. It weighs only 29kg which makes it perfect for travel, and it can be manually folded with the pull of a lever. The S19F is powered by a large 270 Watt motor, and has an S-Drive 45 Amp controller.


Brio 4 Deluxe

brio 4 delux swivel

The Heartway Brio 4 Deluxe (S19F+) scooter is one of our top of the range scooters in the Brio range. With a larger upgraded luxurious seat, the S19F+ is built with your comfort in mind. This portable scooter has the world’s first foldaway armrests at the press of a button.

As part of the Brio Range, the S19F+ includes all of the high quality safety features present on the other Brio models. Just like the other models, the Brio 4 Deluxe is fitted with 24V 11.5 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries that come with a travel-safe certificate.

Vita S12S


The Heartway Vita S is a sports mobility scooter, with 4-pole motor and 3D suspension system. Large off-road tyres provide users with a comfortable semi-all terrain ride, which some choose to utilise as a beach mobility scooter or golf buggy. With a 160 kg weight capacity and a 700W 4-pole motor, the Vita Sport is perfect if you want a strong and reliable machine.


KD Medical Companion 

The KD Medical Companion travel wheelchair is available in a range of sizes and weight capacities – 115 kg, 150 kg and 180 kg. As a travel wheelchair, the Companion features lightweight lithium plane-safe batteries, and folds in seconds. Depending on which model you choose, the two 12V 10Ah batteries can power this wheelchair for up to 25 km on a single charge, making it the perfect chair for family outings, shopping trips and holidays! Check out one of our latest videos below for some more information on the KD Companion.


If any of these products catch your fancy, you can contact us here, or give us a call on 1300 366 545 and one of our fitting specialists will be able to assist you with any queries you have!

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