The P35 Chase, The First Of Its Kind!

Oct 17, 2019Dian Templeton0 comments

This machine is the world’s first carbon fiber portable electric wheelchair. Heartway have created a sturdy frame with comfort seating using a combination of carbon fiber + aluminum alloys. Its remarkable design makes your travels quick and easy. It has the swiftest quick release folding mechanism making manually folding easier than ever. It’s that fast that it only takes up to 2-3 seconds to fully fold the machine into its original compacted size.

Why is it the first of its kind?

This machine does not psychically exist anywhere else in the world. This lightweight wheelchair is only 22.3kg when it’s fully assembled and that’s only possible as our machines are manufactured with carbon fiber cross bars! Many other wheelchairs are made with aluminum covered in a carbon fiber look alike wrapping that claims to be carbon fiber. This is so important to take note of and be careful of because carbon fiber is not only structurally sound but also lightweight! So if you’re looking at a machine that claims it has carbon fiber built into it, make sure it’s not aluminum wrapped in a foil to make it look like they are selling you ‘real’ carbon fiber. Here at Out and About Healthcare we can guarantee we have genuine carbon fiber.

On normal wheelchairs you physically have to move yourself.  Not the P35 Chase, this machine does all the work for you! No more sore arms or hands, just move the toggle and your machine transports you to where you wish to go. That’s not even the best part! This innovative machine also has a customised swivel seat included, so you can park yourself anywhere and you can swivel around in the direction you want to place yourself. Perfect for when you’re watching the grandkids at sporting events, no need to move your whole machine, just your seat.

The armrests on the side have a quick drop down release button that help with quickly being able to put them down and slide under tables.  As it’s quick and versatile, you can virtually take it anywhere and not have any problems doing what’s most important to you. The sturdy machine features a strong fortressing area that apart of the main chassis allowing you to be able to step onto and off the machine without a hassle, while its pneumatic tyres ensures a smoother ride it also can carry a weight capacity of up to 115kg and can travel up to 15km.

This brand new revolutionary wheelchair is ideal if you want to stand out from the crowd. The P35 Chase will not only support you in sitting upright but it will also help you move around easily without the stress of having to operate your wheelchair by yourself. It’s ideal for those days where you just want to put it in the boot of the car and do what you need to do with your day!

Special Features

  • Weight capacity of 115kg
  • Ideal for quick trips
  • Quick release manual foldin.g function
  • Carbon fibre and aluminium alloy framing
  • Strong footplate base means you can stand on it to help get in and out of the chair
  • Drop down hand control allows you to drive directly up to tables without the armrests getting in the way
  • Advanced computer chip protected battery

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