Have you seen the Robust 225 in action?

Nov 21, 2018Dian Templeton0 comments
Have you seen our latest YouTube video about the Robust 225 Lift Recline Chair?

Check out great features of the Robust 225!

If you are looking for a new lift recline chair the Robust 225 is a definite contender to consider. With a weight capacity of 225kgs, vertical lift function, fabric choices of either leather or microfibre in various colours, strong steel frames, and high-quality motors you won't find another chair like this anywhere else!

The Robust 225 features a vertical lift function which is perfect for those who need an extra hand getting in and out of the chair. It also features the highest quality comfortable cushioning and strong frames - this durable chair is built to last!

It is available in both microfibre fabric or leather options.  Tossing up between a sleek leather look or a soft microfibre? You should take into consideration the weather in your area, and factors in your home environment, such as children or pets. If you are looking for an easy to clean option we recommend sticking with leather as it doesn’t collect dust and pet hair, reducing allergens. Although micro- fabric is highly recommended and very popular amongst our customers as it is soft, warm and perfect to cozy up in during cooler weather.

Our expert team of fitting specialists can help find the perfect chair for you based on your lifestyle, needs, and wants.

Interested in finding out more about the Robust 225 Lift Recline Chair?

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