The Top 3 Things to Do in Brisbane on Your Mobility Scooter

Jun 21, 2018Dian Templeton0 comments
Brisbane is known for it's fantastic wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and friendly citizens. It's home to a number of national celebrities, and one of Australia's top rated cities for quality of life. If you're planning on scoot-shooting around this beautiful city, here are three MUST SEE locations in Brisbane.

#1 - The Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Located on the riverside, Brisbane’s botanical gardens are home to a bamboo grove, ornamental ponds, and an all abilities playground. The Brisbane Botanical Gardens website also provides and accessibility map, so you can plan your trip in advance. Take advantage of this beautiful location by going off-road in your Aviator or cruise the well-established footpaths with ease in the Heartway Vita X.

The Brisbane council have recently upgraded the playground to allow children in wheelchairs such as the Fantasy to access the equipment. The upgrades also include wider pathways, so carers and family can walk alongside wheelchairs and scooters. The gardens are free to enter, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

#2 - Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Have you ever wanted to cuddle a koala? Well, home to 130 koalas, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is both the first and the largest koala sanctuary in the world. Not only can you see these native Australian bears, but you can also meet them.

You can put your Brio in the back of your car, and drive only 15 minutes away from Brisbane city to get to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The sanctuary’s aim is to preserve the native species and raise awareness of how we can preserve the animal’s natural habitat. Sit in your Companion wheelchair and meet not only koalas, but also kangaroos and a range of other native Australian animals. Click here to see the extensive list of Australian animals.

#3 - New Farm Park

New Farm Park is the perfect picnic destination. The heritage listed public park offers free parking and barbeques, as well as a café. You can either pack your own food or buy a snack. The Vita would be perfect for riding around the parklands and taking in the views.

Most of the original features of the park can still be seen today. These features include the avenue of Jacarandas, rose garden, and the ornate 1915 bandstand next to the river. Picnickers can also listen to the jazz bands which often play at the park. This location is perfect for a relaxing weekend. Get more information about the parks history by clicking here.

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