Travelling in Paris - Wheelchair Friendly Attractions

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Ah, Paris! From filling up on escargot and other French food in quaint restaurants, experiencing the Eiffel Tower at night, to all the beauty and architecture of the Louvre - there's so much to do. We've curated the best places in Paris to visit with wheelchair accessible entities to make your travel abroad extra special. If you're planning a Europe trip and excited about travelling but worried about your mobility holding you back - worry no longer! Out and About Healthcare provides a wide range of travel-friendly scooters and wheelchairs to suit your needs. Travelling has never been so simple.

#1 Eiffel Tower

If you're planning a trip to Europe, Paris must be at the top of your list - and so it should be considering Paris is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. What better way to get the greatest view of the city of lights than visiting the Eiffel Tower. Although Paris has some of the oldest landmarks in the world, thankfully the famous Eiffel Tower is largely wheelchair accessible. The first and second levels of the tower are wheelchair accessible thanks to large capacity lift cabins. Take the Easy Move portable scooter with you for easy access in the lifts and best of all it weighs only 17kg! You'll have to make sure you see the breathtaking city by night - it's called the city of lights for a reason, of course!


#2 Louvre Museum

For all the art fanatics planning their trip to Europe, you don't have to miss out on seeing some of the most famous works of art because the Louvre Museum is completely accessible! The Louvre is home to over 35,000 pieces including sculptures, textiles and paintings - how many days you need to take it all in is subjective of course, but most say to dedicate at least 4-5 hours to all the pieces.  Oh, and best of all! Not only is the museum wheelchair friendly, admission is free for any visitors who have disabilities and one carer. It gets better - those with wheelchairs can cut the line to see the famous Mona Lisa. Not many people who get a chance to see the famous painting up close. To make your Louvre experience even easier, take your best companion with you - of course, we mean take the Companion Travel Folding Wheelchair. This compact machine will be perfect for zipping around the museum and to get the most out of your Paris trip.

#3 Arc de Triomphe

Built in 1806 to honour the people who died during the Napoleonic Wars and French Revolution, the Arc de Triomphe is a definite must-see for those interested in the rich culture and history of France. It's advised to take a taxi and have it drop you off right outside the Arc De Triomphe as the roads between are too dangerous to cross for those on foot or in a wheelchair. Although, currently the monument has a lift, it isn't fully wheelchair accessible as there are two steps to get to the lift. Don't worry - the good news is that Paris is on the up and up with improving their famous attractions to be more wheelchair accessible. By the end of Fall 2018 (that's December here!), ramps will be installed to even out the areas of the terrace so that everyone can enjoy the panoramic views. The Brio 4 Deluxe is the perfect portable to visit the monument thanks to its Indigo suspension that works to keep all four wheels on the ground on some uneven terrains. If you're planning to visit Europe after December 2018, you'll be able to bask in the beauty and architecture of the Arc De Triomphe in its full glory.

#4 Tuileries Garden

Le Jardin de Tuileries - translation: Tuileries Garden! This breathtaking garden was designed by Catherine de Medici in 1564 (wow!) but it wasn't until after the French Revolution that it became the landmark it is today. Bounding with sculptures, fountains and plants to admire of course! It's the biggest park in Paris, in good company situated between the famous Louvre Museum and Avenue des Champs-Elysées. There are many things to do - if you're visiting in the winter time (Dec-Feb) you can see the perfectly symmetrical alleyways in all their beauty after the snowfall. The pathways of the park are all paved with sand/gravel making them completely wheelchair accessible. We recommend you take the Brio 4 Autofold portable scooter. This little machine will be able to travel over the terrains and provide a smoother ride thanks to its pneumatic tyres - and after your day in the Tuileries Garden eating ice cream and literally stopping to smell the roses, you can fold up your Brio compactly at the push of a lever. Perfect, relaxing day in Paris!

#5 'Another Paris' tour

You're probably asking yourself - what's 'Another Paris'? This gem is a unique little tour that takes you through the side streets of the city of Paris to experience the city in all its beauty. The best part is this little blue train is completely wheelchair accessible. There are 5 different routes to choose from for your tour. It's best to book in advance so the driver can prepare and remove unnecessary seats to best accommodate your wheelchair. The tour is a great way to get your bearings on the city and check out places you definitely want to come back to.

Eiffel Tower? Tick!

Arc de Triomphe? Louvre Museum? Tick, and tick!

We hope we've helped you add a few must-see spots to your travel checklist for when in Paris! Out and About Healthcare offers a range of travel-friendly mobility equipment so you can empower your freedom to travel and see all the sights you've been dreaming of! Let us know in the comments where in Paris you'd most like to visit.

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