Choosing the Right Wheelchair

May 13, 2023Dian Templeton0 comments
A wheelchair is mobility equipment designed for people with physical limitations particularly disabled people and the handicapped. This type of equipment helps these people to move about and have some sort of independence or freedom despite the challenges that they face each and every day. So matching the right type of wheelchair to the right person is important. If you have a family member who is physically challenged, you would want to provide them with the best possible wheelchair you can get.

There are many choices for wheelchairs these days. This mobility equipment is not so rare anymore so keep in mind some essentials to be able to choose the wheelchair that will fit the person who will use it.

Below are some important factors to consider before getting a wheelchair. Looking into these are advised by occupational and physical therapists.

Level and Type of Injury

What type of disability does the person who will use the wheelchair have? Will he or she be using the wheelchair for a long time or for just a short period?

Age & Body Type

Is the user of the wheelchair a child or an adult? Does the user have a small and slender body type, have an average body and weight or a big build? These factors are relevant to get the right size of wheelchair so that the person feels comfortable in it.

Indoors or Outdoors

Is the wheelchair going to be used indoors or outdoors? Is the wheelchair going to be used for any type of sporting activities?

Electric or Manual

Is the person who will be using the wheelchair capable of manually maneuvering it? Electric wheelchairs seem to fit the needs of many people because of the various models it offers for any age and body type. The electric wheelchair can be used both indoors and outdoors so it's more practical and reasonable. Electric wheelchairs also cater to different levels of the user since the varying models may provide different types of drive control and speed, frame (whether fixed or folding), seat systems (such as reclining, titling, standing up or elevating), and other types of support like footrests, armrests, leg rests and neck support.

Keep these factors in mind and if possible, don't rush into buying a wheelchair. Look at the different designs and models until you find the best fit for your loved one. (It can be their source of happiness and freedom in the long term.)

Another thing to keep in mind before purchasing a wheelchair, especially an electric wheelchair is the company from where you'll be buying it. Is the company reputable and reliable? Look at their company history in wheelchair trading, the terms of warranty on the wheelchair and its parts and their servicing support in case the wheelchair needs repairs or parts exchanged. Some companies can also provide insurance for their wheelchairs and equipment.

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