Where do I find my serial number?

Unsure of where to locate the serial number of your product? Look no further with this handy guide!


Large Mobility Scooters


Aviator S8, Aviator S8X, Mantra S23, Venus S9 and Mirage PF6KS+, Vita S12, Vita S12S, Vita S12X and Golf PF7X
Under/On the inner tiller & cup holder (when seated on the scooter, the sticker will be in front of your knees).
Also may be on the seat post.

Portable & Folding Mobility Scooters

Brio S19, Brio S19+, Brio S19F, Brio S19F+, Brio S19VF, Verve S26, Easy Move S21, Zen S11
 Under/around the carpet


Portable & Folding Wheelchairs

Companion 115, Companion 150, Companion 180, Companion Convertible
Under the footplate, or on the side of the wheelchair under the seat
Companion Lite
Under the battery case, which sits directly under the seat
Puzzle P15
On frame, next to front wheel castor
Chase P35
Near mat where feet go