Comfort Therapeutic Memory Foam Adjustable Massage Bed


Electronically adjustable bed base

Head, knee and feet adjustment

Wireless remote

Light up controls, preset comfort options

Massage function available

Built into base

Summary Features

  • Available in a range of bed and mattress sizes
  • Gel-infused therapeutic mattress for body temperature regulation and pressure distribution
  • Functions allow user to electrically adjust head and leg positions
  • Built-in massage function available

Product Description

The Comfort Therapeutic Memory Foam Adjustable Massage bed is ideal for those who get quite hot during sleep. Developed with the latest technology and research, the Comfort Gel-Infused Therapeutic Mattress is designed to cater for all needs.

With supportive foam layers combined with gel-infused medical grade Memory Foam, this mattress will provide the support you require whilst maintaining the comfort of a Tempur style mattress. As well as the Comfort Gel Infused Memory Foam, it is designed with firmer sides to assist in getting out of bed.

This mattress is also protected with a natural bamboo health cover that has antibacterial and absorbent properties. With all these great features you are bound to get a restful night sleep!

Design and Craftsmanship


    Metal Stopper
    Prevent mattress from sliding

    Dual Okin Refined-O Motors

    Motor Specs
    2x 2.2A 24V 50W

    Electronically adjustable bed base
    Has head, knee and feet adjustment

    Massage function option
    Available (built into base)

    Power Supply
    Back up battery pack

    Wireless remote
    Control lights up in the dark, has preset comfort options, auto flat at the push of a button and massage options


    Long Single
    940mm x 2030mm

    King Single
    1070mm x 2030mm

    Double Bed
    1370mm x 2020mm

    King Dual
    1880mm x 2030mm

    Super King Dual
    2140mm x 2030mm

    Weight Capacity

    Height Base
    400mm (excludes mattress height)




Lynda and John Wrobe

Bravo! Out and About we are having the best sleeps in our new beds. Could not have come at a better time as both have head colds and being able to elevate bed head has enabled us to have a good sleep. Also my husband who has peripheral neuropathy has stated his feet are not as bad when first getting out of bed. Also he has a chronic bad back which he has surgery for 6-8 months to burn nerves to relieve pain has stated he also has noticed back much better as well. I have had much relief as I suffer with chronic hamstring pain and recently underwent surgery for right hamstring potentially could need on other leg! Hoping with being able to raise bed base this could assist and prevent further surgery. Lynda and John Wrobel

Brenda McGregor

Thanks to all at Out and About Healthcare. Have taken delivery already of my new bed, gee that was fast. I'm very pleased with the great deal you gave me, much more than I expected. No delivery fee, wow! The beds are great, so very comfy. Many thanks to Racheal and Abby who walked me through some of the paperwork. Sorry Abby, I was hard work for you. Overall a great shopping experience and I would recommend Out and About Healthcare to anyone

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