Fusion Gel Adjustable Massage Bed

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Available in a range of bed and mattress sizes, with cooling gel-infused memory foam layers for body temperature regulation and to relieve pressure, with energy-absorbing gel particles and a Medical-grade water resistant mattress cover. Functions allow user to electrically adjust head and leg positions with built-in massage function.
The Dunlop Fusion Gel Mattress is the ideal cooling mattress that uses gel infusion throughout the foam layers and also assists with pressure relief.
Up to 200kg weight capacity
Adjustable head, knee and feet positions
Wireless remote
In-built massage function

Motor - Two heavy duty German-designed Okin Deltadrive 24V motors 

Electronically adjustable - Head, knee and feet adjustment 

Wireless remote - Control lights up in the dark, has preset comfort options, auto flat at the push of a button and massage options

Massage function option - Circulation, vibration massage function built into base 

Wall hugging technology - Wall-hugger design moves the mattress to keep users at the head of the bed frame even when the mattress angle is inclined.

Fusion Gel Mattress - Combines memory foam to relieve pressure, with energy-absorbing gel particles. Gel particles move closer together when pressure is applied, to provide support.  

Dunlop Cover - The PU flex top cover with vinyl backing is a medical-grade water resistant zip cover – can be wiped clean, or removed and cleaned if necessary. 

Long Single - 910mm x 2030mm 

King Single - 1070mm x 2030mm 

Double Bed - 1370mm x 2020mm 

King Dual - 1880mm x 2030mm 

Super King Dual - 2140mm x 2030mm 

Weight Capacity – Up to 200kg 

Metal Stopper - Prevents mattress from sliding

Safety Standards - ISO 17050-1 (Applies to Mattress) SHHO 060330  (Applies to all Mattresses) ISO 9001:2015 (Applies to Bed Base and Lift Chairs) FDA  (Applies to all Mattresses, Beds and lift chairs) 

Backup Battery - Comes with a back up battery pack

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Discover Fusion Gel Adjustable Massage Bed

Key features and benefits:
  • Built-in massage function
  • Adjustable head, leg and foot positions
  • Medical-grade water resistant mattress cover and gel-cooling layers for body temperature regulation & pressure relief


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