The KD Lifting Platform

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Introducing the KD Lifting Platform – Brought to You by the Supplier Behind Companion Wheelchairs.

Elevate your mobility experience with the latest innovation from the trusted supplier of Companion wheelchairs. The KD Lifting Platform is designed to effortlessly assist you in lifting your mobility device, providing a new level of convenience.


  • Reliable Performance: From the same supplier that delivers Companion wheelchairs, the KD Lifting Platform carries the same mark of quality and dependability.
  • Effortless Lifting: With a lifting capacity of up to 50kg, this platform effortlessly handles the weight of your mobility product, making transportation a breeze.
  • Added Convenience: Designed to support up to 10kg of added weight, the KD Lifting Platform ensures that lifting and loading your scooter becomes a hassle-free task.
  • Compact Design: When not in use, the platform folds up compactly, optimizing storage space and allowing you to maintain a clutter-free environment.
  • Ergonomic Solution: Bid farewell to bending and straining – the KD Lifting Platform eliminates the need to bend while loading your scooter into the car, promoting comfort and ease.

Upgrade your mobility routine with the KD Lifting Platform – where quality, convenience, and ergonomic design intersect to redefine how you transport your mobility device.

Motor - DC Push rod motor 29V 75Watt 

Frame - Anodized Aluminum Alloy 

Material - Wear resistant and waterproof tabletop made of Oxford Fabric 

Design - Four-linkage support mechanism for anti-tipping role up to 3 degrees. 

Wheels - Lockable 2-inch anti-skid rubber wheels in a double row design 

Usage - Cannot be used on slopes greater than 3 degrees. This Lifting Platform has only been tested with approved Out and About Healthcare products, including products from the KD Companion and Heartway brands. Please check compatibility prior to purchase.

Load Capacity - Up to 50kg 

Length - 75cm 

Width - 48cm 

Minimum lifting height - 23.5cm 

Maximum lifting height - 91cm 

Weight - 10kg (excluding battery) 

Wheel size - 5cm 

Support wheel size - 1.5cm 

Lifter type - Scissor lift

Miscellaneous - Includes a safety belt for securing product to platform

Stability - When lifted to the highest position, the maximum use slope is 3°

Australian Standards/ISO Standards (Vital for Safety) - EN/ISO 12100:2010 - Safety of machinery - General principles for design - Risk assessment and risk reduction, EN/ISO 14120:2015 - Safety of Machinery - Guards - General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and moveable guards, EN 60204-1:2018 - Safety of machinery - Electrical equipment of machines Part 1: General requirements, EN 1570-1:2011+A1:2014 - Safety requirements for lifting tables - Part 1: Lifting tables servicing up to two fixed landings.

Applicable Regulations - Machinery Directive: 2006/42/EC

Please ask for a copy of the warranty for your product before buying. Do not return the product unless authorised. Where extended warranties are offered, the customer must return these forms to Head Office within seven [7] days of receiving the product. Warranty terms and conditions apply as stipulated on warranty paperwork. Product life expectancies are subject to product care, regular maintenance or servicing of product and no misuse of product.

The KD Lifting Platform

A demonstration video on the lifting platform from Out and About Healthcare. This platform weighs only 10kg and has a weight capacity of 50kg! It runs off the power of your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter, making it your ultimate travel companion.


Discover The KD Lifting Platform

Key features and benefits:
  • Weight capacity of 50kg
  • Lightest weight 10kg
  • Compact and user-friendly

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