A Guide to Your NEW Easy Move

Jun 03, 2019Dian Templeton0 comments

A Guide to Your NEW Easy Move

The perfect travel scooter for your next holiday

Have you recently purchased an S21 Easy Move Auto-folding or Manual-folding portable mobility scooter? This is the blog for you! If you haven’t, stick around because this blog will answer all the questions you may have about this travel enthusiast’s “cult classic” portable travel scooter. ?

Perfect for the average height or shorter individual, featuring a height-adjustable tiller customisable for YOUR comfort. The Easy Move S21M and S21A are our LIGHTEST portable scooters on the market. Each weighing less than 20kg fully assembled. ?

This is the machine that will do everything you need it to do around home or in town, and PERFECT for holidays. The S21A & S21M are airplane approved (ensure you check with your airline) and the IDEAL companion for any holiday – imagine cruising through Paris or London on one of these machines! ?


When you first receive your machine, we recommend a full overnight charge before its first use. Onwards and throughout the life of the scooter, we recommend over-nightly charging after every daily use. Do not let your machine run down to zero battery health where possible and don’t go long periods of time without charging your machine as this can affect the overall life of the battery.

We recommend purchasing a surge protector to plug your scooter’s battery charger into in the unlikely event of a power surge, particularly during lightning storms. This will protect the health of your battery and ensure it lasts for a longer life.


The Easy Move has two EASY forward and reverse controls and a very simply designed control panel. The easy-to-turn speed dial will allow you to adjust the speed to your preference. The Easy Move has a maximum speed of 6km/hr and the powerful lithium battery will take you up to 11km in distance. Please ensure that this is a guide and terrain, battery health and how the machine is used can alter these averages.

Watch our latest tutorial video for the S21M & S21A right here! This is the perfect video guide you’ll need that will walk you through from the moment you receive your new machine right up to your first ride. Follow our YouTube channel for all of the latest information and videos.



We recommend 6-monthly services for your S21 Easy Move. This will keep your machine healthy and allow it to have a strong, loving, long life. 6-monthly servicing of your new portable travel scooter is also required to maintain the validity of your warranty. Be sure to read your warrant paperwork for more information. To book your service, contact 1300 366 545!

We hope we’ve covered all of your dying questions! If you require any further assistance or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact 1300 366 545 and our lovely administration and inquiry team will be sure to assist with your questions.

For more information, head to our website or follow our social accounts by clicking on the following links;




We trust you will enjoy your new S21 Easy Move. Welcome to the Out And About Healthcare family!

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