The Christmas Gift Guide

Nov 21, 2019Dian Templeton0 comments

Christmas is almost upon us, and when you’re buying gifts for others (or want to treat yourself) it can become a daunting task finding the perfect gift for everyone.

This year we’ve released a little gift guide – with all the
latest technology to assist you or your loved one in living a more independent

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the companies listed. We receive no financial benefits through links or clicks. We’ve just been curating a list of all the nifty new inventions on the market and want to share some ideas with you.

#1 Dawn Clock - $164AUD

I recently saw an ad for this clock and fell in love with the concept! Alzheimer’s is hard on the sufferer and their family/friends. The Dawn Digital Calendar and Reminder Clock is an 8” digital clock that reminds the user about medication, lifestyle (meals, shower, bed), and time of day.

Alana says "I have personally had experience with Alzheimer’s when my great-grandmother was diagnosed with it a number of years ago, and this item would be at the top of my gift list for her."

#2 Talking Christmas Ornament - $18.99AUD

A great gift for anyone visually impaired. A Christmas ornament allows you to record a Christmas message for your loved one. Include an image and a message – allowing your visually impaired friends and family to be included in the Christmas decorating.

Rachel says "This is a novel idea. Would make an excellent gift for my pop - I could record Caitlin (11 months) and he would always have a special memory from her."

#3 Our Generation Doll Medical Set with Wheelchair - $65AUD

2019 has been a great year for inclusivity in the toy market, and this Our Generation Heals on Wheels is a beautiful gift for children with or without movement limitations. Featuring a wheelchair and doctors kit, the large dolls are ideal for children or those that are a child at heart.

Dian says "I want to get this set for the showroom for when children come in. This is a great way to teach children about inclusivity and to normalise wheelchair use"

#4 Speech Recognition Technology - $75 - $300

Arthritis causes a multitude of issues, but one of the modern ailments is the inability to type (computer or phone). The Dragon Naturally Speaking is the ideal software to turn your spoken words into words on-screen. With a 99% accuracy rating, it is a great gift idea for friends with limited mobility in the hands.

Peter says "I will be recommending this to a few family members. Would save them from some unnecessary pain"

#5 A Cruise – POA

This gift idea is perfect for the person always requesting
experiences. CruiseCritic
lists P&O Cruises as their top rated inclusive cruise lines. With
accessible cabins, ample bedroom space, braille menus and more – cruises are an
ideal experience for those with sensory impairment or limited mobility. Coupled
with a travel
mobility scooter
or travel
electric wheelchair
, there has never been a better time to get aboard a
cruise ship.

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