Travelling this Holiday Season

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Planning on travelling this holiday season? Whether it’s just down to the beach or all the way to Europe, we’ve got you covered!

Check out some of the amazing locations our customers have traveled to with our products, and our recommendations on top accessible places to go this holiday season!

#1 On a Cruise

Our happy customer John on his amazing cruise!

Want to relax in luxury? Why not go on a cruise? It’s the perfect holiday! Relaxation, good food, entertainment, beautiful locations and the open water. What more could you want? Luckily most cruises today are accessible for people with disabilities, and some of our customers have been on some pretty amazing cruises. Let’s take a look at two great cruise lines who offer cruises with fantastic accessibility:

Princess Cruises 

With a whole load of space in the accessible accommodation, wheel in showers, shower distress alerts, handrails, removed thresholds, wheelchair ramps and grab rails Princess Cruises is a great choice.They offer a range of cruises throughout Australia and New Zealand and have won Best Cruise Itineraries for nine years. They also have hoists available for hire, so if you’re booking with them, let your travel agent or the cruise line know when you book!

Royal Carribean 

With all public doors and entrances designed with wheelchair access in mind, as well as wheelchair accessible staterooms and accommodation with facilities such as a wheel in shower, grab rails, and hoists and electric beds available for hire Royal Carribean have put in the effort to make their cruises enjoyable for all. They offer cruises through to the tropical beauty of Airlie Beach, the gorgeous scenery of the Bay of Islands of New Zealand where you may see penguins, whales and dolphins, the lovely Port Moresby of Papua New Guinea with its’ dairy farms and rubber plantations, and the chill vibes of sprawling Brisbane City

#2 The Beach

Going to the beach is a classic Aussie past-time, and with products like the beach wheelchair you can get out and enjoy it!

It’s summertime, and what’s one of the best things about summer? The good old Aussie pastime of going to your local beach, enjoying the sand and the sound of the waves in that crisp ocean air. With wheelchair accessible beaches all over the country, with more accessibility to come and wheelchairs like the Observer Beach electric wheelchair, this is a nice easy option if you just want to go for a lovely relaxing day trip by the water. Let’s check out some of the beaches around Australia:


  • Burleigh heads - Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park Surf Life Saving Club offers beach matting and beach wheelchairs as well as accessible parking and bathroom. Experience the beauty of the sprawling Gold Coach beaches with ease.

  • Harvey Bay - With accessible beach matting and a floating beach wheelchair, Harvey Bay is perfect for a relaxing summer’s day.

  • Four Mile Beach Port Douglas - This one is a personal favourite of mine, with its’ beautiful rainforest and truly tropical feel. Located north of Cairns in tropical North Queensland, the breathtaking beauty of where the rainforest meets the sea provides a uniquely relaxing environment. The beaches here offer accessible beach matting so you can relax and enjoy the tropics, as well as a beach accessible wheelchair located at Macrossan House. 

New South Wales

  • Fingal Beach - Approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes drive from Sydney, Fingal Beach has accessible beach matting and fantastic views.

  • Avoca Beach - Avoca Beach Surf Lifesaving Club has three beach wheelchairs available and beach matting available on weekends, it’s easy to head on out for a lovely Sunday trip to enjoy the sunshine and the crisp ocean air.

  • Ballina - Lighthouse Beach offers beach matting, making it perfect for you to enjoy the surf and sand with your loved ones.

Get out to the beach with the beach wheelchair, just like our customer here!


  • Williamstown Beach - Victoria is packed full of inclusive beaches, and Williamstown Beach is no exception. It features 24/7 beach matting, beach wheelchairs, accessible bathrooms, shower, change room and accessible parking. Added bonus, it’s only fifteen minutes west of Melbourne!
  • Port Melbourne - Only five minutes from the Melbourne CBD, this beach provides the perfect quick getaway from the chaos of city life. Just duck on out there to access the beach wheelchair and matting and enjoy the sand and sunshine.
  • Lorne Beach - This one is a bit of a hike, so perfect for an all day trip as it’s two hours away from Melbourne. It features an accessible matt, hoist, change room and accessible parking. 

Western Australia

  • Rockingham Beach - Rockingham beach features accessible beach matting and beach trekker wheelchairs, and other beach wheelchairs available along with beach matting it offers great accessibility for you to get out and about and enjoy that sunshine this summer.
  • Town Beach - With accessible parking and bathrooms located nearby and extra wide beach matting installed from September through to May all the way to the foreshore, Town Beach Mandurah is a wonderful place to spend some time enjoying the beach.
  • Avalon Beach - Town beach is another beach that provides beach matting for accessibility to the beach from September until may. The Mandurah Visitors Centre also has an all terrain wheelchair available for booking, so you can book in and head to the beaches nearby, including Town Beach!

South Australia

  • Seacliff Beach - Seacliff Beach offers a Mobi-Chair Floating Beach Wheelchair and a slat type access platform, along with a beach access mat rolled out on weekends and public holidays between 1pm and 5pm.
  • Normanville Beach - Much like Seacliff Beach, this beach also offers a Mobi-Chair Floating Beach Wheelchair and a slat type access platform, along with a beach access mat rolled out. Beach wheelchairs are also available to hire (there’s no hire fee, but they do take donations to keep them up and running!) from Normanville Surf Life Saving Club.
  • Henley Beach - With Mob-Mat wheelchair parking on the sand and beach mats available 24/7. It also has beach wheelchairs for free hire, including ones you can take into the water. The Charles Sturt Council has also put in a lot of work to build facilities on the beach which include an accessible toilet and an adult changing space for people with high support needs. Head on down and have a wonderful time in the water!

#3 Papua New Guinea

Our happy customer John enjoying the beauty of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a unique place. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and full of culture. Some cruises stop by Port Moresby, and it’s worth taking a look around to see some of the sights of this beautiful country. If you’re interested in the beautiful wildlife and some good entertainment, try out the Port Moresby Nature Park! With wheelchair friendly paths, ramps and accessible bathrooms it’s a good place to start. Take a look at wildlife such as the bird of paradise, the cassowary, reptiles, parrots and tree kangaroos, get some cute souvenirs from the shop, have lunch at the cafe and experience the amazing cultural displays! 

#4 The Outback

The Australian Outback is a breathtaking place and there are so many places to visit throughout the country, and the best part is that it’s never far away. It’s as easy as packing up the car, heading out to the nearest National Park and taking a look around! If you want to get out and about in the outback, the Vita X is the perfect replacement for quad bikes - You can get out in those beautiful paddocks with the horses with ease!

#5 Europe

Are you looking to have an adventure overseas? Europe is a fantastic place, full of culture and plenty of things to do. Experience the awe inspiring architecture of Rome and Istanbul, the raw beauty of the Scottish Highlands or the majesty of Buckingham Palace. Let’s take a look at some of the places you can go and the sights you can see!

London, Great Britain

Buckingham Palace, located in London, and serving as both the London residence and the office of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is opened up to the public during the summer months. You can go on an accessible tour, with rollators and wheelchairs available for free hire, as well as a step free entrance through the front gate and accessible bathrooms available. Visit the State Rooms, Queens Gallery and the Royal Mews. Experience the magnificence and history of the British Royal Family, see the impressive Changing of the Guards, the beautiful decorations and architecture. And if you’re still wanting more of a taste of the history of London, head on over to an Exhibition tour of Shakespear’s Globe. They offer step-free access to all areas of the theater and low-level display cases. You can even watch one of Shakespear’s plays performed on stage!

Rome, Italy

If you’ve got three hours to spare, head over and visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Experience the beauty of the Michelangelo frescoes inside the Sistine Chapel. Admire some of the greatest artworks in history on a guided tour where you can skip the long lines! When in Rome…

Get a taste of Ancient Rome and go on a wheelchair accessible tour of the Roman Forum and Colosseum! It’s a truly awe inspiring place and they offer some guided accessible tours, so you can get a true understanding of the origins of these ruins. While only 20% of the Roman Forum itself is accessible due to large gaps in the rocks, it’s worth seeing the magnificent beauty of this ancient ruin.

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a truly beautiful place rich with history. The Hagia Sofia is one of the oldest, largest buildings in the world, overflowing with history and culture. You can experience most of the beauty of this ancient marvel without the bother of steps! Short wooden ramps are available for assistance where needed. The entrance is accessible and most of the inside is too. You can also visit the Blue Mosque during the limited visiting times. 

Warsaw, Poland

The beauty of Eastern Europe simply can’t be denied, and Poland is no exception. Like many other European cities, Warsaw is rife with delicious food, stunning architecture and rich history and culture. While some of it has cobblestones, and the restaurants in the colder months are not ideal for accessibility (most have one or two steps), most of the city is easy to traverse. Not only that but the buses are accessible. So what are some things you can do in Warsaw? Well, why not visit Fryderyk Chopin Museum? Experience the story of this great composer on a guided musical tour. With wheelchair access, it’s a no-brainer! 

We hope that we’ve covered some interesting places and given you some great ideas for the holidays, so get out and about and explore! We’d love for you to show us your amazing pictures on your adventures, whether it’s just down to the beach, or all the way over the pond!

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