Batteries for Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs

Feb 13, 2017Dian Templeton0 comments
The secret to a long life battery is simple, charge, charge, and charge!

Mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are designed to carry deep cell batteries that come in lead acid, gel and lithium. It was once believed that gel batteries were superior to closed lead acid batteries, but this is not a popular belief any more. Lithium is argued to be the best, but up to now have been too expensive to justify putting into a mobility scooter or electric wheelchair. But in saying this, if you are after a light portable mobility scooter, then lithium batteries are the only way to go - they are lighter and have a longer life expectancy. They also will take full discharge where gel and lead acid batteries will not.

Out and About Healthcare are presently leading the market by offering lithium batteries for their portable mobility scooters and electric wheelchair range as an upgrade.


  • Read through the battery charger operating instructions before using it.

  • Make sure you charge the battery every time you use it. Preferably over night and make sure you have a surge protector in case of storms.

  • Charge the battery at least for 24 hours a week if the power Chair, Scooter has not been used. This is to make sure the electrolyte is always at top level.

  • If the battery cannot be charged (Orange light does not turn to green on Outranger Scooters) or if the orange light turns to green immediately, please have it checked by a technician straight away. The battery may be defective.

  • The voltage difference between the two batteries on the power scooter or electric wheelchair unit cannot be more than 0.5V. The battery case should be checked regularly for cleanliness and evidence of damage.

  • Monthly servicing is very important and will save you money in the long run.
    If the charger indicates red light, please check with a technician to see if the charger is defective or if there is a defective cable wiring or poor connection.</li

  • Please keep the battery and connections clean, otherwise, the charging condition will be poor.

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