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Government funding can be a tricky minefield to traverse. You can easily spend hours trying to find the information you need. Especially when it comes to changes. So, we've compiled some useful information on Government funding along with some of the coming and recent changes!

NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme

NDIS Funding is changing
There are some changes coming to the NDIS to better help you.

National Disability Insurance Scheme provides funding for various services to help improve quality of life and participation in the community for people under 65. Specifically, people with permanent conditions or impairments that impede their ability to participate in activities, complete tasks or actions. So, you'll need to meet some criteria before applying. These are that you must: live in Australia, be an Australian Citizen, hold a permanent Visa, or a Protected Special Category Visa.

Changes to NDIS: There are some changes coming to the NDIS. These changes will help to streamline the process and give you better and easier access. So here's a breakdown of the changes:

  • Longer plan duration, meaning that reviews will only happen when needed. For example, during any major changes such as moving or job changes.

  • Removal of the distinction between core and capacity building support budgets, meaning easier access to your funding to cater to all of your needs. This is expected to be implemented on the 1st of July 2020.

  • Introducing draft plan summaries, which will make changes easier for participants to make.

My Aged Care

You can access a range of services, including Home Support Programs to help you feel comfortable at home.

My Aged Care is similar in structure to the NDIS. It also provides funding and services to help you retain quality of life and peace of mind throughout your aged care journey. My Aged Care caters to those above the age of 65 (Or 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, as well as low income people). Much like NDIS, you will undergo an assessment at home to find out what you are eligible for in regards to funding and services.

Changes to My Aged Care:  While there aren't any proposed changes to the funding, My Aged Care have implemented a whole load of system changes to make it easier for providers to help you. You won't see these changes yourself, but they are designed to streamline the process and provide you with a better experience.

Other Changes to Government Funding

There are, of course, some other changes to Government funding. Such as the removal of the The Community Aids, Equipment and Assistive Technologies Initiative. This is due to the implementation of the NDIS. Other State funding sources are also now being slowly phased out. Which is good news since NDIS is much easier to use.

Well, we hope that we've provided some useful information to make your day a little easier. If you have any further questions, why not contact our friendly team?

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