Mobility Scooter and Electric Wheelchair Security

Nov 12, 2019Dian Templeton0 comments

Prevent Mobility Scooter Thief

Thief’s are on the rise for mobility scooters and wheelchairs! There has recently been a spark in media reporting incidents of people having their beloved mobility devices stolen. Unfortunately, in this day and age, people do not have much respect for other people’s personal belongings.

We are here today to help you prevent your mobility equipment being stolen!

The Below Three Simple Steps Will Help Minimise The Theft Of Your Mobility Device!

Never Leave It Outside

The first, and most important step is to always place your mobility scooter or electric wheelchair out of site to other people. Always place your mobility scooter, or electric wheelchair in a place where it is not outside, somewhere dry and concealed. Securing your mobility equipment in your home, or a locked garage is highly recommended. This prevents your mobility equipment from being taken from outside your property and it will not be in plain sight. Even a small investment in a cover for your mobility scooter will take your mobility scooter out of plan sight, and can minimise the likelihood of theft. Next time you do use your mobility device, put it in a safe place after use where only you know where it is

Register Your Mobility Scooter

You must register you mobility scooter or electric wheelchair in Queensland, Australia by law, but to those who may feel like it’s not necessary, think again! In the unfortunate event of your mobility scooter being stolen, you can identify your mobility scooter with a direct reference to your registration number. Even your serial number on the machine will help you identify your mobility scooter, any markings or special additions will help you track down your mobility scooter. Remember, to never leave any possessions or valuables on your mobility scooter to minimise and further risk of thief. 

Always Keep Your Key On You If Possible

In this new modern world of new portables hitting the market and revolutionary technology most machine now have keys. To secure your mobility device when not in use remove the key and take the key with you.

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