What to do when you are travelling with a mobility scooter

Aug 21, 2018Dian Templeton0 comments
There is nothing quite like travelling the world, where you can soak in all the amazing experiences and cultures that different countries have to offer. Whether your cruising your way through the scenic Caribbean, or indulging in a croissant whilst admiring the breath-taking Eiffel Tower, everyone should have the freedom to experience these special moments first hand. However people with disabilities will often face more obstacles when it comes to travelling, that's why we want to help provide solutions to some of your travel queries - ensuring that the sky is the limit!

If you feel like you are missing out on all the excitement, don't stress! The world will be waiting for you when you decide to plan your next holiday. With any trip going ahead, preparation and clear organisation is always the best approach. Regardless on the size of holiday you intend on taking, knowing where you want to go, with who, and where is always important for a seamless journey.

Luckily, with airlines such as Qantas, battery operated devices like our mobility scooters are the very few devices exempt on an aircraft. However it is important to let your airline know that you will be travelling with a mobility aid. As there are various rules and regulations for different companies (some airlines that will not allow you to take your scooter on their aircraft), it is essential to check these out to make sure you plane doesn't go off without you!


To ensure all bases are covered, always try and book with a travel agent or over the phone. This will guarantee your requests are set in stone and clear,  this helps avoid as many unpredictable situation as possible. Booking a trip with a travel agent will also open opportunities for you to state you are travelling with a mobility scooter, which is important to mention as prior airline approval will be required (Qantas approval dg@qantas.com.au ). A travel agent will use their wealth of knowledge to assist with hotel plans, tours and transport solutions, whilst you prep your medical alert information and doctor's statements for any potential circumstances. Once set in place, you will find yourself one-step closer to reaching your dream destination.

Due to the capacity of voltage and amps a mobility scooter holds, checking in your mobility scooter with cargo is required. On top of your allowed baggage allowance, you will also be entitled to a mobility allowance meaning no additional fee or charges. Save time worrying about squeezing in your favourite pair of jeans, as you will have the luxury to take more and bring more home! Another pro-tip to make sure you are travel ready is to ensure you are fully educated with your scooter batteries. Batteries are the main concern airlines attend to. The Qantas website states that only two spare lithium batteries exceeding 100wh – 160wh can be taken in freight, or anything less can be taken as hand luggage. All of your battery related information will be found on your Material Safety Data Sheet (MDSD) which is provided to you on the purchase of your mobility scooter. To ensure your batteries are freight ready or taken as hand luggage, ensure any exposed port or terminal is covered or taped before arriving to the airport.

With any airline, they are there to support you from the moment you step in, the the moment you step out of the terminal. From priority check-in to an allocated boarding section, you will be sitting in your seat in no time as you take in the views during take-off. So it's important to remember, the more information  you outline during your booking on the phone or with your travel agent, the easier your journey will be. Enjoy the heights of your adventure and start planning your next trip to gain endless memories.

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