Things to consider when looking for a lift recline chair

Nov 03, 2018Dian Templeton0 comments
Shopping around for a new lift recline chair but not sure what to look for? Don’t worry, we have taken the time to gather some information on what to consider for when purchasing a lift recline chair.

Is the lift chair right for your needs?

Lift chairs can assist you with standing up and sitting back down. Sometimes after injury, operations, or illness, tasks like getting in and out of a chair can become very difficult. A good first step is to talk to one of our fitting specialists to see which chair would suit your needs best. Lift recline chairs should be fitted to the user based on height, weight and needs. Our chairs have a unique vertical lift function to make getting in and out of the chair even easier. We have chairs to suit a variety of needs, for example, the Glide 180 is the ultimate carer's chair with removable armrests for easy transfer.

Type of material

When buying a lift recline chair you should consider what sort of material would better suit you. If you’re looking for a material that is quick and simple to clean you may want to go for leather. Although microfibre fabric is a great option if you live in an area that can get quite hot. Our chairs are made from the highest quality materials and built to last. Our lift recline chairs such as the Robust 170 and Hug 150 are available in either leather or microfibre options.

Size of room

Whilst some chairs can appear small, they can become quite large when fully reclined. You want to ensure the space you have is suited to the chair, as you don't want to cause any damage to your walls or surrounding furniture. We recommend measuring the space you have available prior to purchasing a new chair and letting our fitting specialists know what the size of your space is to ensure they can assist you most efficiently.


You may find the perfect lift recline chair but are unsure on how you are going to get it home. At Out and About Healthcare we offer local delivery or the option of freight Australia wide! Our fitting specialists can discuss your options with you.

Interested in one of our lift recline chairs? Call 1300 366 545 and speak with your expert fitting specialists to find the perfect lift recline chair for you!

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