What made the top 3 most popular portable scooters for 2019?

Oct 04, 2019Dian Templeton0 comments

The time has come for you to stop missing out! That’s right no more missing the grandkids sports days, no more missing bingo and leisure time with your closest friends. No matter what you need it for, a scooter going to make sure you get where you need to go! This year we have picked out our three most popular portable mobility scooters that make life easy. Not only are they all easy to manually fold down but they all come with the option to have the automatic model that folds down for you! These scooters are light weight and are designed to fold to go with you in the car to get out for the day. Here’s some information on our beautiful models we have on offer for you…

The Verve S26

This is the first of its kind, it’s the first ever heavy duty portable scooter on the market. It’s perfect to get you places no other will. Its pneumatic tyres and wide wheel base creates the best structural frame for a smooth and stable drive. The scooter has a weight capacity of 140kg, yet it is still a lightweight machine. With an LED display, you can see the time, digital battery gauge, lights indicators and a horn. The Verve folds and unfolds automatically with the push of a button, you just have to lift it out of the car and you are ready to go.

The Easy Move

If you are looking for a lighter model, you should check out the Easy Move. With the battery removed, the scooter weighs only 19.6kg. The scooter has recently been redesigned, with the two front wheels now closer together. This new feature allows for a tight turning circle, perfect for manoeuvring small spaces like the shops. Again, the scooter can be folded for easy storage and travel ability. It even has its own suitcase that you can add to your package!

The Brio 4 Deluxe

For a smooth and comfortable drive, you should look at the Brio 4 Deluxe with Swivel Seat. The portable mobility scooter is fitted with a unique Indigo Suspension system, ideal for taking shopping. All four wheels are kept on the ground by the suspension system, allowing the scooter to be more stable than other portable machines. The swivel seat allows you to rotate up to 90 degrees, meaning you can sit at a lunch table without the hassle of transferring to a seat.

Don’t forget, all of the portable electrical mobility scooters at Out and About Healthcare, come with a Material Safety Data Sheet, this allows it to be taken along with you on overseas holidays. Just remember to confirm with your airline! If you’re interested in these life changing mobility scooters call 1300 366 545 to speak to one our team members, where we make sure to pair you with a scooter that’s perfect for your lifestyle. Our experienced enquiry team strive to make your life better. We look forward to getting to know you!

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