Get to Know the Team – Adam Finney

Aug 22, 2018Dian Templeton0 comments
Adam is the creative genius behind many of the informative videos on the at Out and About Healthcare YouTube page. With a passion for telling stories, capturing attention and changing perspectives, Adam's role involves building our online audience and helping our customers understand our company and products. As our resident Google AdWords Guru, Adam makes sure that it is easy to find us online, and when you do you, it's clear why our top of the line products make us one of the best healthcare specialists. Check out Adam's video on our travel friendly, foldable Brio 4 mobility scooter here!

"I love working at Out and About because it is challenging and flexible. It is challenging because the Mobility industry has so many stereotypes to break and if we can do that successfully, I believe the sky is the limit with out companies growth. I also love the flexibility, I can work here at Out and About while pursuing my film making passions" - Adam Finney

Outside of work Adam is a film maker. Currently he is producing a documentary on Prisoners learning Shakespeare, and he also runs his own video production company - Barking Owl Media. An avid traveler, Adam has been to India, Germany, Russia, South Africa and explored most of Europe. However he can't deny he loves to travel his beautiful home country; Australia.

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