The Ultimate Mobility Scooter & Wheelchair Christmas Gift Guide

Dec 14, 2018Dian Templeton0 comments

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas?

Why not give the ULTIMATE gift...

...the gift of mobility!

With multiple payment options such as ZipMoney or Certegy available, there's no reason not to give the gift of freedom this Christmas.

Call 1300 366 545 and ask our friendly enquiry team about your different payment and funding options!


Buy the ultimate gift for your loved one who loves to travel! Nothing can hold you back from exploring the sights when you've got the Brio 4 Deluxe Swivel portable mobility scooter with you. No need to be wary of its size, this compact little machine packs a lot of power and has the ability to travel up to 30km on a single charge so you can take your Brio portable your day trips to the shops, museums, or parks when travelling without any worries. Stress-free travelling anyone? Our Brio portables have fantastic features such as swivel seats - great for those with hip issues or the elderly, pneumatic tyres to ensure the most smooth and comfortable ride, a unique Indigo suspension which assists in keeping all 4 wheels on the ground, deluxe seating options, automatic or manual folding capabilities, and so much more!

Shop our 100% travel-friendly Brio range here.

If electric wheelchairs are more your style, not to worry, our Companion range of portable electric wheelchairs will be well-suited to you! Featuring removable batteries, our Companion 115 weighs only 20.4kg once the batteries are removed so you can easily fold up and pop this portable electric wheelchair into the boot of a car for easy transport and storage. The Companion range has models with weight capacities up to 180kg so you can find a travel-friendly electric wheelchair to suit your needs. There's no better gift for the traveller than the Companion. With ZipMoney and payment options available, what are you waiting for? Call 1300 366 545 today.

Shop our unique Companion range here.


Know someone who loves to spend all their time outside? Someone who loves the exhilaration of being in the great outdoors and feeling the wind in their hair?

We sure do! That's why we provide a great range of all-terrain and semi-all terrain mobility scooters and wheelchairs built for the ones who you couldn't keep indoors if you tried.

Introducing the toughest machine you've ever laid eyes on, the PREDATOR off-road mobility scooter. The Predator 4x4 is built for the toughest of the tough. It will help you reach places you've only ever dreamed of reaching. Featuring large all-terrain tyres, a powerful motor, and still has the ability to turn in tight spaces. Make a bold statement this Christmas with the Predator 4x4. Guaranteed to turn heads and be the greatest gift ever! Enquire now. 

Check out the Predator 4x4 in action!

It doesn't stop there - Out and About Healthcare features a range of mobility scooters built for the outdoorsman. Large semi-all terrain scooters such as the Aviator X and the Vita X have tougher tyres, larger rear tyres, and are built to last. They feature advanced suspension systems to assist in providing a smooth ride over rough terrains. Get the ultimate gift today - call 1300 366 545 to enquire.

Explore our range of off-road mobility scooters here.


It's no mystery that Australia has the most beautiful beaches, but most scooters and wheelchairs aren't built for the driving on sand or through water. Out and About Healthcare is dedicated to providing mobility products to suit our customer's needs which is why our range of beach-friendly wheelchairs are perfect for the seaside regular. Know someone who can't get enough of the beach? Our beach-friendly range of products are the ultimate Christmas gift!

Call 1300 366 545 to buy the greatest beach-friendly electric wheelchair before Christmas.

One look at the all-terrain tyres is all you need to know that the Observer Beach 4x4 is the ultimate electric beach wheelchair. This tough machine is built for the adventurer and can travel across sand, low levels of water and climb slopes up to 15 degrees!

Looking for a manual wheelchair instead that's still beach friendly - meet the H9 Beach Manual Wheelchair. It's durable aluminium structure enables it to be carried, folded or pushed with ease. It can be taken across sand and low levels of water. Interested to learn more about the H9 Beach Manual? Call 1300 366 545 and speak to one of our expert fitting specialists for more information!


We have a great range of large mobility scooters and wheelchairs perfect for everyday use. The Mantra is the latest large mobility scooter at Out and About Healthcare - perfect for shopping trips and family outings. It has a brand new sleek design that'll make you the envy of all your neighbours! It's versatile and great for indoor and outdoor use. Win!

Another popular mobility scooter is our Heartway Venus. The perfect everyday mobility scooter without all the fuss. This great machine has easy to use controls, a comfortable seat, and a sleek exterior. Zip around the shopping centre or The Venus also features double wishbone suspension for the smoothest ride - another reason the Venus is a favourite amongst many of our customers.

There's no better time to purchase than today! With various payment options available such as ZipMoney and Certegy, there's no reason to wait to buy the ultimate gift!

But this isn't all - we have a HUGE range of mobility scooters and wheelchairs. Our expert team of fitting specialists can help you get the ultimate one for you - or for a loved one!

Don't wait - buy the ultimate gift in time for Christmas.

Call 1300 366 545 to make an enquiry.

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