Top 5 Best Portable Mobility Scooters in Australia

May 11, 2018Dian Templeton0 comments
These are the top five best portable mobility scooters in Australia!

Brio 4 Auto Fold Swivel Seat

This great Australian made scooter is the best because it has so many features! It’s easy to get on and off easily thanks to the swivel seat. The automatic folding feature makes it very easy to travel with as it folds up easily with just the push of the foot lever. It has carbon fibre cross bars which make this scooter lightweight and perfect to travel with. It folds up compactly so it can be put easily into the boot of a car. It’s the newest and best model!

S21A – Heartway Easy Move Automatic Folding

This portable mobility scooter is the best because it can be automatically folded just by pushing a lever so you don’t have to fold it yourself. It’s perfect for travelling because it’s very lightweight and can be stored easily in the boot of a car or taken on a plane. The Heartway Easy Move is the best for people who love to travel with as it can be taken on cruise ships and planes, and is also great for shopping centres.

Brio 4 Delux Swivel Seat

The Brio 4 Delux is built for your comfort and luxury. It has a wider seat for added comfort and higher clearance. The Brio 4 Delux has a swivel seat which makes it easier for you to get on and off the scooter, great for those with hip issues. The swivel seat also makes dining at restaurants easier as you can stay seated. The scooter can also be folded up easily and the seat can even be removed to make it even easier to store and travel with. This lightweight luxury scooter is great.

Brio 3 Delux

The Heartway Brio 3 Delux is one of the best manual folding travel mobility scooters. This deluxe model scooter has a wider comfort seat and wider arm rests for a more luxurious experience. It’s also great for travelling since it can be easily folded up and is very compact and light. With armrests that can be folded away at the push of a button, this is one of the best travel mobility scooters!

Heartway Zen

The Heartway Zen is the best pull apart portable mobility scooter on the market! This scooter is perfect for those who want a simple travel-friendly scooter without folding capabilities. This model can be easily dismantled so that you can pack it up and travel. The Heartway Zen features large wheels so it runs great on a variety of surfaces. This scooter is ideal for those after a easy pull apart scooter to travel with.

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