Get Ready to Scoot into Spring on Your Portable Scooter

Sep 06, 2018Dian Templeton0 comments
Sunny spring days are finally here. This means we get to enjoy the sweet floral scent in the air, the sounds of the birds chirping and the days getting warmer. It is the perfect time to get out and explore with friends and family. Here are a few places to visit using your portable mobility scooter.


Appreciate the salty sea breeze by taking a nice ride on your portable scooter down the waterfront. The Heartway Brio 4 is perfect for driving along the seaside, with its four pneumatic tyres it rolls smoothly giving you comfort during your ride. The Brio 4 is small and easy to manoeuvre around shops, which is great if you want to stop in at a waterfront café for a refreshing beverage or an ice cream.


Spring is the perfect time to take a family trip to your local zoo. The warm sun and the cool breeze together is the best weather for the zoo. With a battery range of up to 11km, the Heartway Easy Move would be a great portable scooter to travel around the zoo. The battery range will allow you to zip around the zoo viewing your favourite animals and enjoy your day with your family with no worries.

Botanical Gardens

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of spring is flowers. Botanical gardens are great to visit in spring as all the flowers bloom and the gardens become a sea full of colour. Botanical gardens are good to take your portable mobility scooter to drive around and enjoy the peace and serenity. You can take a book to sit and immerse yourself into while listening to the birds chirp or fountain water running.

We love seeing our customer exploring on their Portable scooters. Please send us photos or comment on how you are enjoying your portable scooter this Spring.

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