Spring has Sprung in Melbourne

Sep 06, 2018Dian Templeton0 comments

Wanting to get Out and About in Melbourne this spring, but not quite sure what to do? Don’t stress, we have come up with lots of blissful spring activities for you to enjoy all from the comfort of your wheelchair!


Are you a fan of wine, relaxation and beautiful scenery? If so you will absolutely admire Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. The valley offers stunning views, local food, markets and so much more. But one thing we know you’ll appreciate in the spring time is the abloom gardens the Yarra has on show. The Yarra is a mix of paved areas and greenery, so no matter what wheelchair  you have, get on down to the Yarra Valley and enjoy the sunshine this spring!


Yarra doesn’t sound exciting enough? Then you will love the Royal Melbourne Show, with accessible designated car parking, wheelchair accessible seating at various locations of the venue, and storage space for mobility aids you can’t go wrong! Bring the family along for a big day out with activities ranging from concerts to after dark events where you can immerse yourself in the lights, and sounds as they come alive after the sunsets. The show begins on the 22nd of September so get in quick and don’t forget to save up to 30% on your tickets if you are an RACV member!


Consider yourself a risk taker? Want to feel on top of the world? We have a destination that will get you pretty close, the Eureka Sky deck! Explore all the magical sights of Melbourne from one location, 88 stories up on a 360-degree platform this one is sure to keep you on the edge of your Companion! Enjoy a meal with family and friends on the 89th floor and enjoy an experience of a lifetime.




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