Do I Need My Licence To Drive A Mobility Scooter?

Oct 29, 2019Dian Templeton0 comments

Queensland Laws

Queensland is the only state by law in Australia that is it compulsory to register mobility scooters and electrical wheelchairs. If you are visiting Queensland it is exempt from registration, so no need to worry if you’re just coming for a visit! If you ever were to move to Queensland you must register your motorised wheelchair/scooter within 14 days. However in other states and territories in Australia it is currently not required.

What does your mobility scooter/wheelchair require to be registered?


  • An electrical motor
  • Must only be capable of travelling up to 10km and no more than that on level ground
  • Be designed in a responsible sense for a person with mobility difficulties


Registration of your mobility scooter does not mean you can use them on roads like a normal motorised vehicle. They are entitled to go anywhere a pedestrian can go, this includes footpaths, shopping centres and nature strips. When you are identifying the weight of your mobility scooter it is only regarding the weight of the device on its own. This means the accessories of the machine is not included in the devices accurate weight.

When you are applying for registration it’s free of charge and contains compulsory third party insurance. This is done to protect the user of any compensation claims in the unfortunate event of harming a pedestrian. When registering your machine if it exceeds the legal speed limit it cannot be registered. Motorised scooters/wheelchairs that are not permitted to be registered are only acceptable to be used in a place that is not in a road related area such as inside your home.


If you cannot drive a car and need to get around today is your lucky day! You do not need a licence when driving your mobility scooter/wheelchair. People who are considered to have a mobility impairment are considered to be a pedestrian under the Queensland law. Making this possible to drive a mobility scooter without a licence. The same rules used by pedestrians are also applied to scooters/wheelchair users.

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