Will Rain Ruin A Mobility Scooter?

Oct 31, 2019Dian Templeton0 comments

What Could Happen If You Left Your Mobility Scooter Outside In The Rain?

Mobility scooters/wheelchairs are not made to be waterproof, they are electric machines made to transport mobility impaired personnel. These machines are not designed for the rain, and if left out could result in electrical issues.. There are many issues that could arise from leaving your mobility scooter out in the rain for example, errors in your dash due to water getting into the electronics.

What To Do When It Rains & You’re Outside On Your Mobility Scooter

It is always best to see what the weather is doing before heading out for your day.  If rain does arrive unexpectedly, it is important to get undercover and protect your mobility scooter/wheelchair from the rain. We advise this because these mobility scooters/wheelchairs are not designed to be waterproof.


When returning home, after your adventures it is so important to get your mobility scooter as dry as possible. Once you wipe down the most important parts such as the electronic controls then it’s always a good idea to dry your seat and any other upholstery. This not only prevents damages to your electronic controls but also prevents future damages to your seats material. Regular cleaning should never involve a hose! Always use a damp cloth when cleaning your machine, and dry immediately after.

Always Close Your Charging Port

The charging port of your mobility scooter/wheelchair should always be closed when they are not in use! There is a possibility that rain may get into the charging port and in turn could cause some electric issues.

Warranty Claims

Under most mobility
scooter/wheelchair warranty’s if the machine were to be left out in the rain,
warranty would be voided. In most warranties, this would fall under the
classification of misuse and not a manufacturing fault.

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